Indexing Sample Clauses

Indexing. 3.1 Subject to Paragraphs 2.1.2 and 2.1.3, the Charges will remain fixed for a period of one year following the Commencement Date.
Indexing. Pension benefits for Pension Plan members who immediately prior to termination of employment were members of the Power Workers’ Union, will be increased on January 1 of each year by 100 percent of the increase in the Consumer Price Index, up to a maximum of 8 percent per year. In the event that the increase in the CPI exceeds 8 percent, the increase shall be carried forward to future years. In the event that the CPI decreases, the percentage decrease shall be applied in determining subsequent increases in pension benefits. A decrease in the CPI shall not reduce pension benefits in payment.
Indexing. Each volume shall contain a more detailed table of contents to delineate the subparagraphs within that volume. Tab indexing shall be used to identify sections.
Indexing. Producing a key to the contents of a work. Includes reading and analyzing the work; choosing subjects, concepts, and other elements that together form a systematic guide to the information contained in the work; arranging these elements into entries consisting of headings and subheadings and their locators (for example, page numbers); and arranging the entries alphabetically or in some other searchable order. Note: The agreement should specify whether the Client will provide a style sheet. Picture Research. Locating suitable photos or artwork. Does not include the following unless specified: • reading manuscript and composing picture list • setting and maintaining budgets • searching for artists’ references • obtaining pictures and permission releases • arranging for and supervising set-up shots • editing and choosing pictures • writing captions, labels, or source lines • organizing pictures for scanning • returning pictures • negotiating usage fees • sending final usage letters
Indexing. On the first day of the third Month following the second and each subsequent anniversary of the execution of this Framework Agreement, the Charges shall be varied by the application of the following formula: NC = EC * X where: NC = New Charge EC = Existing Charge, and (% change in RPIX Index) X = 1 + _____________________ 100 RPIX Index - The “Retail Prices Index excluding mortgage interest rates (RPIX)” as published by the Office for National Statistics (xxxx://, or other government department or executive agency responsible from time to time for its publication. The measurement to be used in the variation calculation of the variable “X” in paragraph 5.1 of this Schedule 3 shall be the percentage “Annual change” in the RPIX Index in respect of the “Period” of the Month in which the relevant anniversary occurred. Where the published figure specified in paragraph 5.2of this Schedule 3 is stated to be a provisional figure or is subsequently amended, that figure shall apply as ultimately confirmed or amended unless the AUTHORITY and the SERVICE PROVIDER shall agree otherwise. In the event that any changes occur to the basis of the RPIX Index, or it is no longer published, the Authority and the Service Provider shall agree a fair and reasonable adjustment to that index or, if appropriate, shall agree a revised formula that in either event will have substantially the same effect as that specified in this Schedule 3. IMPLEMENTATION OF ADJUSTED CHARGES Variations in accordance with the provisions of this Schedule 3 to the Charges shall be made by the AUTHORITY to take effect on the relevant date. The Service Provider shall amend the Charges shown in the Catalogue to reflect such variations. Variations to the charges applicable to each Call-Off Contract shall be made in accordance with the provisions of that Call-Off Contract.
Indexing. 4.1. In accordance with the provisions of the Framework Agreement, on the first Day following each anniversary of the commencement of the Framework Agreement, the Charges shall be varied by the application of the following formula: NC = EC * Z
Indexing. 3.5.1 A CDV must be applied when capturing to ensure correctness of data.
Indexing. Retired members and surviving spouses will receive an indexed pension adjustment on their basic pensions as follows:
Indexing. 24. The following parts of the Annual remuneration are indexed according to the terms of this document: M4 Service provision costs M5 Administrative and management costs