Groups Sample Clauses

Groups. First Reserve covenants that it shall not, and that no other member of the First Reserve Group that it controls shall, join a partnership, limited partnership, syndicate or other group, or otherwise act in concert with any other Person, for the purpose of acquiring, holding, voting or disposing of any Company Securities, other than the First Reserve Group itself.
Groups. Each of Vishay and VPG shall cause to be performed, and hereby guarantees the performance of, all actions, agreements and obligations set forth in this Agreement to be performed by the members of their respective Groups.
Groups. No more than one pledge of the Servicing Rights to one secured party will be permitted. An Issuer may not grant a security interest to more than one secured party. Any purported grant of a security interest pertaining to less than the entire Xxxxxx Xxx portfolio is prohibited and shall be null and void.
Groups. 17.1 The Company has not, nor has it at any time in the last seven years been:
Groups. 4.11.1 So far as the Sellers are aware, no member of the Group is or has ever been a member of any other group of companies or a fiscal consolidation or a fiscal unity for the purposes of any corporate income Tax.
Groups. 15.1 The Group has not (other than in relation to another Group Entity), at any time in the last seven years been:
Groups. 11.1 The Company has no outstanding obligation to make or any entitlement to receive any payment to or from another company in respect of any amounts surrendered, or agreed to be surrendered, by way of group relief, either to or by the Company.
Groups. 23.1 The Group together comprises a group for the purposes of Part 5 of the Tax Act and, so far as the Founders are aware, there are no circumstances or arrangements as a result of which any member of the Group will cease to form part of that group.