Groups Sample Clauses

Groups. For purposes of benefits plans, the total group covered by the plans, where advantageous, may include all persons in the employ of the Employer including excluded staff and those within any Bargaining Unit.
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Groups. First Reserve covenants that it shall not, and that no other member of the First Reserve Group that it controls shall, join a partnership, limited partnership, syndicate or other group, or otherwise act in concert with any other Person, for the purpose of acquiring, holding, voting or disposing of any Company Securities, other than the First Reserve Group itself.
Groups. No more than one pledge of the Servicing Rights to one secured party will be permitted. An Issuer may not grant a security interest to more than one secured party. Any purported grant of a security interest pertaining to less than the entire Xxxxxx Xxx portfolio is prohibited and shall be null and void.
Groups. Each of Vishay and VPG shall cause to be performed, and hereby guarantees the performance of, all actions, agreements and obligations set forth in this Agreement to be performed by the members of their respective Groups.
Groups. 3.3.1. The following Group Payment terms apply and exclude any other payment conditions agreed for Independent travellers. Deviations to this payment condition are agreed by exception: • Deposit due within 30 days of confirmation for reservations 1 year and greater from date of travel: 20% of total invoice value • Deposits due within 14 days of confirmation for reservations less than 1 year from date of travel: 20% of total invoice value • Reflecting in the account at 120 days prior to arrival: An additional 30% of total invoice value • Reflecting in the account at 90 days prior to arrival: Final 50% of total invoice value
Groups. 17.1 The Company has not, nor has it at any time in the last seven years been:
Groups. Family and friends who live at the same address or know each other or who travel together will be considered as making a group booking, even if you have made separate bookings. Because of the family nature of our Holiday Park, there are additional restrictions on group bookings at certain times of the year, including over the festive period and peak season. Please call our reception team for clarification on these times. Also, because of the popularity of the festive period, we may restrict bookings to previous customers. Group bookings (whether made by one person or a number of people) of 5 or more holiday homes and/or where there are 20 or more people in the party, bookings must be made through our reception team on 01263 720421. If your group booking is not booked via the reception team, we will cancel any bookings which form part of a group booking. If you wish to make a booking of 10 or more holiday homes, please call our reception team on 01263 720421. We will only accept group bookings made via the reception team and where all parties have given their names and addresses. The lead xxxxxx for a group will be responsible for the conduct of all members of the group and for ensuring they comply with these Terms and Conditions. We may require the lead xxxxxx to provide a deposit as security in the event of any damage by any member of the group.
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Groups. 16.1 The Company is not and has never been a member of a group of companies or a fiscal consolidation or fiscal unity for the purposes of any tax other than any group comprised of itself and any of the Subsidiaries.
Groups. 1.6.1 The Company is not nor has within the last seven years been a member of a group of companies for any Tax purposes.
Groups. All passengers must enter and exit the Service Vehicle as a group. There will be no splitting up of groups. This includes all proms and all rentals by the hour.
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