Group Entity definition

Group Entity means any of the Company and Subsidiaries of the Company.
Group Entity means either the Company or any of its subsidiaries and affiliates.
Group Entity means a legal person that is part of a group;

Examples of Group Entity in a sentence

  • The Seller shall cause any Person who proposes to acquire a direct or indirect ownership interest in any Seller Group Entity or any Project Real Property which is wholly-owned by a Seller Group Entity to, as a condition to the completion of such acquisition, enter into an agreement, in form and substance satisfactory to the Purchasers’ Agent, acting reasonably, to be bound by this Agreement as a Guarantor or become so bound by operation of law.

  • Each Seller Group Entity authorizes the Purchasers to share among each other any information possessed by any of them regarding the Seller Group Entities, subject to obligations of the Purchasers under Article 22.

  • Following the termination of the Credit Agreement, the Purchasers shall, in connection with the entry by a Seller Group Entity into Permitted Senior Debt, at the request, cost and expense of the Seller Group Entities, agree to subordinate the Security in favour of security being granted to the lenders under such Permitted Senior Debt, subject to the entry into an intercreditor agreement, satisfactory to the Purchasers’ Agent, acting reasonably.

  • Schedules 1.1(nnnn) and 1.1(ssss) of the Disclosure Letter set out a complete and accurate list of the Real Property in which any Solaris Group Entity, the Guarantee Trust and the Ecuador Collateral Agent have a right, title or interest as of the date hereof.

  • All assessments and reassessments received by any Solaris Group Entity in respect of Taxes have been paid when due (other than those which are being contested in good faith by appropriate legal proceedings and for which adequate reserves are being maintained in accordance with IFRS).

More Definitions of Group Entity

Group Entity means any of the Company and Parents, Subsidiaries and Related Entities of the Company.
Group Entity means a legal entity that is part of a group;
Group Entity means the Issuer or any legal person that is part of the UniCredit Group.
Group Entity means an entity that is included in the corporate group subject to a Resolution Measure.
Group Entity means any entity forming part of the Group;
Group Entity means an entity which is part of the same Group as Danske Bank.
Group Entity means any related body corporate or associate (as those terms are defined in the Corporations Act) of the Recipient;