Grade A Sample Clauses

Grade A. Persons who hold less than a Master’s Degree (regardless of equivalency status). Grade B: Persons who hold a Master’s Degree and who have completed fewer than thirty (30) units of course work after the date that the Master’s Degree was awarded. Grade C: Persons who hold a Master’s Degree and who have completed at least thirty (30) units of course work after Grade D: Persons who possess two (2) Master’s Degrees or a Doctorate Degree. Part-time faculty who have taught previously for the District, but who have not done so within a year of the initial implementation date of the Part-time (Adjunct) Faculty Salary Schedule (7/1/96), will be placed on the schedule in the same way as those commencing initial employment with the District. Part-time faculty who have been employed by the District after 7/1/96, and who return to the District following a lapse in employment, will be placed onto the step of the Part-time (Adjunct) Faculty Salary Schedule to which they had been assigned prior to the lapse in employment.
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Grade A. An employee of "GRADE A" has the necessary skills and knowledge to perform complex jobs, with the support necessary to complete the tasks and functions of classification. It may be called to work independently and to familiarize other employees in the functions to be performed. Such employee, when promoted to this rank, will have served 1,840 hours worked "Grade B".
Grade A. (a) The position is closely supervised. It involves duties and tasks which are specified and clear and are carried out in accordance with well defined procedures.

Related to Grade A

  • ROAD GRADE AND ALIGNMENT STANDARDS Purchaser shall follow these standards for road grade and alignment except as designed:  Grade and alignment must have smooth continuity, without abrupt changes in direction.  Maximum grades may not exceed 18 percent favorable and 12 percent adverse.  Minimum curve radius is 60 feet at centerline.  Maximum grade change for sag vertical curves is 5% in 100 feet.  Maximum grade change for crest vertical curves is 4% in 100 feet.

  • WITHIN GRADE INCREASES Section 1. This Article and appropriate law, regulation or procedure governs within grade step increases.

  • Partial Disposal During Term of Service Agreement Throughout the Term of the Service Agreement, LEA may request partial disposal of Student Data obtained under the Service Agreement that is no longer needed. Partial disposal of data shall be subject to LEA’s request to transfer data to a separate account, pursuant to Article II, section 3, above.

  • Grade of Service An overall blocking standard of one percent (1%) during the average busy hour, as defined by each Party’s standards, for final trunk groups between a CLEC end office and a Sprint access Tandem carrying meet point traffic shall be maintained. All other Tandem trunk groups are to be engineered with a blocking standard of one percent (1%). Direct end office trunk groups are to be engineered with a blocking standard of one percent (1%).

  • OPERATION OF PROPERTY DURING AGREEMENT PERIOD The Seller will continue to operate the Property and any business conducted on the Property in the manner operated prior to the Agreement and will take no action that would adversely impact the Property, tenants, lender, or business, if any. Any changes, such as renting vacant space, that materially affects the Property or the Buyer's intended use will be permitted only with the Buyer's consent.

  • Paying Electricity Charges pay for electricity and other utilities consumed in or relating to the Said Flat And Appurtenances.

  • Concession Period The Concession hereby granted is for a period of [●]11 years commencing from Date of Award of Concession during which the Concessionaire is authorized and obliged to implement the Project and to provide Project Facilities and Services as per Scope of work in accordance with the provisions hereof. Provided that: -

  • Withdrawals during Concession Period 31.3.1 The Concessionaire shall, at the time of opening the Escrow Account, give irrevocable instructions, by way of an Escrow Agreement, to the Escrow Bank instructing, inter alia, that deposits in the Escrow Account shall be appropriated in the following order every month, or at shorter intervals as necessary, and if not due in a month then appropriated proportionately in such month and retained in the Escrow Account and paid out therefrom in the month when due:

  • CFR 200 328. Failure to submit such required Performance Reports may cause a delay or suspension of funding. 30 ILCS 705/1 et seq.

  • Work During Vacation Period No employee shall be required to work during the employee's vacation once the vacation request has been approved.

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