Grade of Service definition

Grade of Service means P.01 for Basic 9-1-1 or Enhanced 9-1-1 services or NENA i3 Solution standard for NG9-1-1 services.
Grade of Service means that no more than 3% of calls are denied access during the peak busy hour of the weekly measured period. We shall measure each of the objectives, other than SDGS, on a monthly basis and shall provide you with a report of such measured objectives by the 10th business day of the following month, unless otherwise agreed between the parties.
Grade of Service means the number of parties served on a telephone line such as one-party, two- party, four-party, etc.

Examples of Grade of Service in a sentence

  • The technical application of the dimensioning rules and results thereof in order to provide network resources to meet specified Grade of Service (GOS).

  • A minimum of two 911 trunks, or that quantity necessary to provide P.01 Transmission Grade of Service is required.

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  • The following describes the service parameters for each Grade of Service.

  • Each Grade of Service offers a different level of service performance.

More Definitions of Grade of Service

Grade of Service means P.01 for enhanced 9-1-1 services
Grade of Service means the probability of calls blocking due to insufficient circuits, trunk and equipment or a means of expressing congestion at switching stage;
Grade of Service means the blocking probability during Busy Hours measured between any two connection points within the Network including, without limitation, access lines, Fixed Lines and Leased Lines;
Grade of Service means the type of service furnished a customer with respect to the functionality and capabilities of the service offering.
Grade of Service means the designation, expressed as a decimal fraction, of the probability (P) of a telephone number being blocked. P.01 is the grade of service reflecting the probability that one call out of one hundred during the average busy hour will be blocked.
Grade of Service means P.01 for enhanced 9-1-1 services or the NENA i3 Solution adopted standard for NG9-1-1.
Grade of Service means the probability of call failure over the junctions between switches due to non-availability of junctions;