Global Sample Clauses

Global. 11 Type of call 1: Automatic, 8: 800 No. --------------- ---------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------- ---------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12 CLLI of the interconnection point. (PDIC). --------------- ---------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13 Billing account, each billing point must have an assigned billing account. (PDIC or ASL). --------------- ---------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 14 Amount of non recognized calls of one same type done in one day. --------------- ---------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 15 Amount of minutes of the non recognized calls of one same type done in one day. --------------- ---------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 16 Per minute tariff by type of call justified to the right --------------- ---------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 17 Blank characters to complete the length of the registry to 130 spaces. --------------- ---------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------- ---------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Trailer 1 Trailer beginning identifier. Value must be 9. --------------- ---------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 Billing operator's code. CIC (Carrier Identification Code). --------------- ---------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 Billed operator's code. CIC (Carrier Identification Code). --------------- ---------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 Total amount of registries contained in the archive justified to the right (Does not include Header nor Trailer). --------------- ---------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 Date of issuance of the invoice of which the claim is filed....
Global e and its Shippers shall comply with DHL’s regulations regarding the carriage of dangerous and/or prohibited and/or restricted items as set out at Global-e shall indemnify DHL for any loss, damage or expense suffered by DHL as a result of Global-e’s and/ or the Shipper’s failure to comply with these regulations.
Global e warrants that all personal data provided to DHL has been fairly and lawfully obtained and Global-e has authority to disclose such personal data to DHL and for DHL to lawfully process it. Global-e shall fully indemnify and holds harmless DHL for any costs, expenses, losses or damage howsoever arising out of its failure to comply with this warranty.
Global e’s offer to such Direct Pro Customers will exclude the DHL Services. This means that Global-e will not include its own pricing for it and will not invoice the Customer for it, but the Global-e Platform will still allow the use of DHL Services, which Global-e will continue to charge to the buyer of the Customer’s goods (using the rates negotiated between DHL and the Direct Pro Customer).
Global e agrees that DHL shall be entitled to deliver Shipments shipped by Global-e to a third party provided that the addressee on the label (or such person’s agent) has provided authority to DHL to deliver the Shipment to any such third party. DHL shall not have any liability in connection with the Shipment arising from the acts or omissions of such third party.
Global e shall fully indemnify and hold DHL harmless for any direct costs, expenses, claims, loss or damage suffered by DHL as a result of Global-e’s or the Shipper’s failure to comply with any of the provisions contained in clauses 7.2, 7.3 and 7.5 above.
Global e shall notify DHL as soon as it becomes aware of any infringement or attempted infringement of DHL’s intellectual property or Marketing Collateral.
Global e shall for all purposes be treated by DHL as sole beneficial owner of the Shipment. If the receiver of the Shipment or any other third party makes any claims for loss, damage or for any other liability, or makes any attempt to recover any costs or expenses (“Claim”) against DHL, its agents or sub-contractors, then subject to clause 6.2, Global-e shall indemnify DHL, its agents and sub-contractors against any such Claim where DHL has already paid Global-e the limits set out in paragraph 6 of the Terms and Conditions or where DHL’s liability exceeds the limits set out in paragraph 6.
Global. (i) Global shall not, nor shall it authorize or permit any of the Global Subsidiaries or its or their Representatives to, directly or indirectly, (A) solicit, initiate or encourage, or take any other action designed to, or which is reasonably expected to, facilitate, any Global Takeover Proposal, (B) enter into any agreement with respect to any Global Takeover Proposal or (C) enter into, continue or otherwise participate in any discussions or negotiations regarding, or furnish to any person any information with respect to, or otherwise cooperate with, any proposal that constitutes, or is reasonably expected to lead to, any Global Takeover Proposal. Global shall, and shall cause the Global Subsidiaries and its Representatives to, immediately cease and cause to be terminated all existing discussions or negotiations with any person conducted heretofore with respect to any proposal that constitutes, or is reasonably expected to lead to, any Global Takeover Proposal and request the prompt return or destruction of all confidential information previously furnished. Notwithstanding the foregoing, at any time prior to obtaining the Global Stockholder Approval, in response to a bona fide written Global Takeover Proposal that the Global Board determines in good faith (after consultation with outside counsel and a financial advisor of nationally recognized reputation) constitutes, or is reasonably expected to lead to, a Global Superior Proposal (as defined below), and which Global Takeover Proposal was not solicited after the date hereof, was made after the date hereof and did not otherwise result from a breach of this Section 5.6(a)(i), Global may, if a majority of the Global Board determines in good faith (after receiving the advice of outside counsel) that it is necessary to take such actions in order to comply with its fiduciary duties to the stockholders of Global under applicable Law, and subject to compliance with this Section 5.6(a)(i) and Section 5.6(a)(iii) and after giving Crown written notice of such determination, (x) furnish information with respect to Global and the Global Subsidiaries to the person making such Global Takeover Proposal (and its Representatives) pursuant to a customary confidentiality