Society Sample Clauses

Society. The physician will be selected by the alternate strik- ing of names from the list by the Union and the Employer. The Employer will supply the selected physician with all relevant facts including job description and occupational physical requirements. The decision of the third physician will be final as to the employ- ee’s medical condition and occupational limitations, if any. Any other issues relating to the employee’s entitlement to a light duty assignment shall be resolved through the grievance-arbitration procedure. The costs of the services of the third physician shall be shared by the Union and the Employer.
Society. Make our society safe, fair and informed, online and offline.
Society. I will not use computer, the Internet or Intranet to annoy or offend anyone else. 6. I understand that if the school decides I have broken these rules, appropriate action will be taken. This may include loss of my Internet access for some time or other elevated consequences in line with the Xxxxxxxx State School’s Code of Behaviour. / / Student Signature Date Parent / Carer Responsibility I understand that the Internet can provide students with valuable learning experiences. I also understand that it gives access to information on computers around the world; that the school cannot control what is on those computers; and that a very small part of that information can be illegal, dangerous or offensive. I accept that, while teachers will always exercise their duty of care, protection against exposure to harmful information should depend finally upon responsible use by students. I believe that my child understands this responsibility, and I hereby give my permission for him/her to access the Internet under the school rules. I understand that students breaking these rules will be subject to appropriate action by the school. This may include loss of computer, internet and network access for some time. / / Parent / Carer - Full Name Signature Date Higher Still INFORMATION FOR STUDENTS AND THEIR PARENTS on SCHOOL NETWORK USAGE Why are schools providing students access to ICT facilities? To ensure young Queenslanders are well equipped to contribute fully to the information economy, the education sector is responding to the innovation directions of the Smart State Strategy through Smart Classrooms. This strategy focuses innovative programs and resources towards schools, teachers and students. An essential tool for schools in the provision of innovative educational programs is the utilisation of intranet, internet and network services. Therefore, access to these technologies is an increasingly essential part of the modern educational program provided in schools. What is acceptable/appropriate use/behaviour by a student? It is acceptable for students to use school computers and network infrastructure for: assigned class work and assignments set by teachers; developing literacy, communication and information skills; authoring text, artwork, audio and visual material for publication on the Intranet or Internet, solely for educational purposes as supervised and approved by the school; conducting research for school activities and projects; communicating with other stude...
Society. The Contractor is solely responsible for any and all remuneration and benefits payable to its employees and contractors, and all payments or deductions required to be made by any enactment, including, but not limited to, those required for Canada Pension Plan, employment insurance, workers' compensation and income tax. This Agreement does not create a joint venture or partnership, and the Contractor has no authority to represent or bind the Bralorne-Pioneer Museum Society in any way. Assignment
Society. McGill takes great care to acknowledge and show its appreciation to everyone who makes a donation to the University. Planned gifts, however, often go unrecognized while the donor is alive because the University is not aware of the gift. If you have made a provision for McGill in your estate plans, we invite you to join the XxXxxx University 1821 Society by informing the Planned Gifts Office of your decision. If you wish, you will also be recognized in the Annual Report on Private Giving for your generosity towards McGill. For More Information: Xxxxx Xxxx Director McGill Planned Gifts Office 0000 xx xx Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx, Xxxxxx, Xxxxxx X0X 0X0 xxxxx.xxxx@xxxxxx.xx tel.: (000) 000-0000 fax: (000) 000-0000 0-000-000-0000 xxx.xxxxxx.xx/xxxxxx (click onSupporting McGill” then on “Planned Giving”) MEDICINE 13 All images are details from watercolours by Xxxxxx X. Xxxxxxx: “Columns-Xxxxxx House,” 15x22 in.; “The Three Bares-View of the Arts Building,” 20x27 in.; “View from Porch Strathcona,” 28x17.5 in.
Society. The role of the Society and its Board of Directors in terms of the operations of the Museum and Archives is to provide direction and support. The Board’s advice and input in regard to these operations is essential. The Society and its Board of Directors is fully responsible for the management of their property, the building that houses the Argyle Township Court House Archives, the management of the Gift Shop that is currently located in the Municipality’s Court House, and management of all its own financial affairs. The Board of AMHGS shall require the assistance of the staff in the collection and archival needs of the Society and in the daily operations, and therefore shall commit to a financial contribution offsetting the services provided by the Municipality (see appendix for further breakdown).
Society. The University will develop stronger linkages with the local community and civil society and create opportunities for positive engagement and contribution. Such experiences will enhance the quality of reflection, build compassion, help students develop leadership traits and be willing to participate in their and others’ development. Some initiatives could be as follows: • Engagement with Senior Secondary Schools, colleges in DU and with other universitiesCommunity service outreach through planned Volunteer Programmes with local community and civil society organizations
Society represented lawyers are entitled to up to three (3) days leave of absence per year with pay on special or compassionate grounds. This includes time for difficult personal situations which may include: additional time for bereavement, bereavement related to the death of an individual not listed in Article 45.2.1, travel to and from a funeral or celebration of life, or time required to spend with a relative with a severe or continuous illness.
Society represented lawyers who are absent from the workplace due to illness or injury shall maintain insured benefits for up to seventeen (17) calendar weeks per period of absence and this period may be extended for a period of time if the Society-represented lawyer has applied for Long-Term Disability benefits and one of the following conditions applies:
Society. This is a sister conference of the International Conference on CE (ICCE) in conjunction with CES in Las Vegas, USA. It will bring together top technical professionals from the CE industry and academia to exchange information and results of state-of-the-art work on systems, circuits, technologies, processes and applications, with the organizational sponsorship of the IPSJ. Activity Manager: IEEE Consumer Electronics Society, GCCE2019 Organizing Committee (Chair: Xxxx. Xxxxxxxx Xxxxx, University of Hokkaido, Japan) Estimated date: 00-00 Xxxxxxx 0000 (Xxxxx, Xxxxx) Estimated Attendance: 000 (XXXX), 000 (Xxxxx) Estimated participant fee: IEEE member: TBD (Early) / TBD (Late) JPY, Non‐IEEE member: TBD / TBD JPY, IEEE student member: TBD / TBD JPY, Non‐IEEE student: XXX / XXX XXX Funding sources(s): Registration fee IEEE Japan Council Approval: Date: _10 April 2019