Society Sample Clauses

Society. The physician will be selected by the alternate strik- ing of names from the list by the Union and the Employer. The Employer will supply the selected physician with all relevant facts including job description and occupational physical requirements. The decision of the third physician will be final as to the employ- ee’s medical condition and occupational limitations, if any. Any other issues relating to the employee’s entitlement to a light duty assignment shall be resolved through the grievance-arbitration procedure. The costs of the services of the third physician shall be shared by the Union and the Employer.
Society. We work to ensure that neighbouring communities benefit from our presence on an enduring basis. We listen to neighbouring communities and take account of their interests. We support human rights within our areas of influence.
Society. Virgin Galactic brand impactpublic association % between Virgin Galactic and its Brand Purpose.
Society. The Contractor is solely responsible for any and all remuneration and benefits payable to its employees and contractors, and all payments or deductions required to be made by any enactment, including, but not limited to, those required for Canada Pension Plan, employment insurance, workers' compensation and income tax. This Agreement does not create a joint venture or partnership, and the Contractor has no authority to represent or bind the Bralorne-Pioneer Museum Society in any way. Assignment
Society role Section 1.
Society. This is a sister conference of the International Conference on CE (ICCE) in conjunction with CES in Las Vegas, USA. It will bring together top technical professionals from the CE industry and academia to exchange information and results of state-of-the-art work on systems, circuits, technologies, processes and applications, with the organizational sponsorship of the IPSJ. Activity Manager: IEEE Consumer Electronics Society, GCCE2019 Organizing Committee (Chair: Prof. Takahiro Ogawa, University of Hokkaido, Japan) Estimated date: 15-18 October 2019 (Osaka, Japan) Estimated Attendance: 200 (IEEE), 250 (Other) Estimated participant fee: IEEE member: TBD (Early) / TBD (Late) JPY, Non‐IEEE member: TBD / TBD JPY, IEEE student member: TBD / TBD JPY, Non‐IEEE student: TBD / TBD JPY Funding sources(s): Registration fee IEEE Japan Council Approval: Date: _10 April 2019
Society. A society is a company or association of persons united together by mutual consent to act or work for some common purpose or idea. In Madhya Pradesh the societies are primarily governed by Madhya Pradesh Society registration Act, 1973. • The process of registration of societies is elaborated on • The application for registration can be submitted on
Society. Technological noises, from motors to ringtones, pervade our everyday environments and are usually per- ceived as principal sources of acoustic pollution. Therefore, any attempt to talk about how to augment objects with sounds is often accompanied by questions about the acoustic sustainability of such sounding objects. Auditory clutter is perceived as more problematic than visual clutter, probably because humans know they have no earlids, and that turning their head is no help to get rid of a noise. However, even if it were attainable, a silent world wouldn’t be better for human life. Especially because of these concerns and reasons, it is important to take a design attitude towards the acoustic manifestations of objects, and to think about the sounding objects as situated in a context. In natural ecosystems, phylogenetical processes govern the evolution of species in such a way that, for example, certain birds occupy specific time-frequency win- dows of the acoustic space and have their voices communicated with minimal effort from the emitter to the listener. These processes, naturally reducing acoustic clutter and leading to pleasant soundscapes, should be taken as a reference when designing auditory displays of any kind. The fact of starting the design process by using the most natural of the means – the human voice and hands – is crucial, as it avoids the emergence of those beeps and sweeps that are just trivial byproducts of technological components. In using their voice, humans naturally adapt to different contexts in order to get effective communication with minimal distur- bance. There are contexts that require whispering and contexts that require shouting, and changing from one to the other is not just a matter of decibels. A shouting voice will sound shouting even at a very low volume, and its appropriateness for a given context wouldn’t change much with a change in volume. If a designer wants to impress a certain sound character to an object for a certain context, vocal sketching is the most natural mean to rapidly convey the acoustic idea. The technological and social impacts will largely depend on the degree of adoption of SkAT-VG tech- nologies in the world of interaction design. In order to foster the interest of professionals, it is important that the tools are made available in stable and usable form, and that a number of practitioners are involved in dissemination activities, both during and after the project. All the partners are equally ...
Society. Society distally benefits from this as increasing levels of immunity in the population—from immunized mothers and immune neonatesenhance herd immunity, resulting in interruption of transmission of pathogens.
Society. The Glenora Child Care Society unless otherwise specified.