Fulfilment Sample Clauses

Fulfilment. The Company and the Vendor shall each use their respective reasonable endeavours to procure the fulfilment of the conditions set out in Clause 6.2 and in particular shall furnish such information, supply such documents, pay such fees, give such undertakings and do all such acts and things as may reasonably be required by each other, the SFC and/or the Stock Exchange in connection with the fulfilment of such conditions.
Fulfilment. As part of our fulfilment services, we will ship Units from the inventory of Your Products in connection with a particular Amazon Site to the shipping addresses in the applicable Amazon Site Country included in valid customer orders, or submitted by you as part of a Fulfilment Request. We may ship Units together with products purchased from us and/or other sellers, including any of our affiliates. We also may ship Units separately that are included in a single Fulfilment Request. If you participate in our export fulfilment services in connection with a particular Amazon Site, we will also ship Your Products that we determine to be eligible (each, a "Foreign-Eligible Product") to Foreign Addresses within countries we determine to be eligible for foreign shipments, subject to the additional terms on foreign shipments in the FBA Guidelines for the applicable Amazon Site.
Fulfilment. (A) The Subscriber and China Netcom shall use their reasonable endeavours to procure the fulfilment of the Conditions in clauses 3.1(C), 3.1(D) and 3.1(E), and in the case of the Condition in clause 3.1(E), shall notify the Company immediately upon the satisfaction thereof.
Fulfilment. 2.7.1 The Contracting Body requires the Supplier to despatch tickets and other documents to the traveller by all commonly accepted methods (for example online, email, PSTN phone, mobile phone, SMS text, paper copy, Fast Ticket, kiosk, on-site ticket printer, ticket on departure and fax subject to any Client security restrictions) ensuring they arrive in consistently good time for the traveller. The current predominant methods are fast ticket and e-mail. Supplier confirmed compliance.
Fulfilment. The Issuer shall use its best endeavours to ensure the fulfilment of the conditions set out in Clause 5.1 as soon as reasonably practicable.
Fulfilment. Deadlines which we set for deliveries and services are to be regarded as fixed dates and must be observed without fail. In the event of missed deadlines, we shall be entit- led to withdraw from the order without granting a grace period and to demand compensation. Short deliveries are not permitted. In the event of excess deliveries, our order quantity shall apply for invoicing purposes. Reten- tions of title must be expressly declared in writing in theorder confirmation; they expire in any case upon payment of the goods.The contractor warrants that its services do not infrin- ge any industrial property rights or other rights of third parties. Should Koelnmesse be held liable by third parties on the grounds that their rights have been infringed by the contractor or as a result of a service provided by the contractor, the contractor shall indemnify Koelnmesse against all such claims.Unless otherwise agreed, we acquire the non-exclusive, transferable right of use, unlimited in time and space, to all suggestions, ideas, design proposals and drafts, inclu- ding signets, signs or emblems as well as texts that are the subject of our order. Insofar as the intangible assets were created individually for us, Koelnmesse obtains ex- clusive rights of use. Rights of retention are excluded.
Fulfilment. Orders for Office Use Products shall be fulfilled by a COVETRUS Facility including but not limited to the following pharmacies and 503B outsourcing facility: Covetrus NE, Covetrus TX, Covetrus Maine, Roadrunner Pharmacy and Atlas Pharmaceuticals and other other licensed facilities that Covetrus may own in the future.
Fulfilment. 4.2.1 The Seller shall use all reasonable endeavours to procure the fulfilment of the Conditions Precedent set out in Clauses 4.1.3, 4.1.10 to 4.1.14 and 4.1.16 (in the case of Clauses 4.1.11 and 4.1.13, as far as Consents relating to the Seller are concerned);
Fulfilment. Champion Regal and Valspar each undertakes to use its best endeavours and act in good faith to fulfil or cause to be fulfilled the Condition Precedent specified in clause 3.1 as soon as reasonably practicable and in any event no later than the Closing Date.