Freight Costs Sample Clauses

Freight Costs. REG Marketing will bear the cost of all freight charges for the Feedstocks, methanol, and catalyst purchased by REG Marketing, and Biodiesel and Co-Products to be produced therefrom, pursuant to this Agreement.
Freight Costs. The Parties will share all shipping costs, transportation costs, transit insurance, and customs duties associated with shipping a Product from Anxxxxxx xo Eton’s 3PL or to such other warehouse facility as Eton otherwise designates (“Freight Costs”) in proportion to such Party’s Profit Split (50% ANXXXXXX; 50% ETON), ANXXXXXX xill incur all third party Freight Costs up- front and ANXXXXXX xill invoice Eton for Eton’s share of such costs as they are incurred.
Freight Costs. Except as otherwise set forth in this Section 2, all Purchased Acid removed from the Partnership’s Facility by MPS pursuant to this Section 2 shall be F.O.B. Partnership’s Facility.
Freight Costs. RCR shall use commercially reasonable efforts to arrange for (with RDC’s approval), and RDC shall pay for the cost of delivery of the anhydrous ammonia to the NIOTA Facility for storage on RDC’s behalf pursuant to this Article III. The cost of deliveries of anhydrous ammonia from the NIOTA Facility shall be borne by the owners of such product.
Freight Costs. (a) Subject to the terms of this Section 12.2, Supplier shall supply the Products for the Prices specified in Schedule E that are either inclusive or exclusive of Freight Costs.
Freight Costs. Supplier's shipping charges shall reflect discounts received by Supplier from freight transporters. Any additional shipping charges incurred by Buyer or Supplier shall be for Supplier's account.
Freight Costs. P&WC will assume repair and overhaul related freight charges from P&WC’s Designated Facility to Customer’s facility within the continental United States.
Freight Costs. In order to minimize freight costs, beginning April 1, 2005, all shipments of can bodies to Cott filling locations and [***] locations will be [***] pallets per load depending on trailer size, where possible.
Freight Costs. SNFI shall be responsible and shall be billed directly for the payment of all delivery, shipping, and freight costs incurred in connection with the shipment of all ingredients, packaging components, and materials supplied by SNFI.
Freight Costs. All freight, shipping, delivery and related insurance costs associated with the procurement of components and materials associated with the manufacture of the Products shall be the responsibility of Lubrizol. All freight, shipping, delivery and related insurance costs associated with the shipment of the finished Products to Sientra or its customers shall be the responsibility of Sientra.