Production Facility Sample Clauses

Production Facility. During the Production Term for Phase I, CBSW will provide, in its Facility, a Production Suite, as further described in the third paragraph of Section 3 of Schedule 11.1 attached hereto, which Production Suite will be used exclusively for the manufacture of the Product.
Production Facility. During the Contract Period, the Collaboration Program shall be performed in the Production Facility. The System and Improvements shall be assembled, constructed and maintained in the Production Facility as more fully described and provided below. ArQule covenants that the Production Facility shall be made suitable in all respects for the performance of its duties pursuant to this Agreement and shall be maintained in such condition during the term of this Agreement.
Production Facility. Cytovance is a full-service Contract Development and Manufacturing organization (CDMO) in Oklahoma City, OK employing 220 people. Microbial host services include strain development and process development for cGMP production at the 10 L, 200 L, and 1,000 L scales, with 300 L SUF technology being added in 2018. Mammalian services include cell line development and process development for cGMP production at the 100 L, ***Confidential Treatment Requested P a g e | 14 of 18 250 L, 500 L, and 1,000 L scales with a planned expansion into 2,000 L production for early 2019. With full Analytical Development and Quality Control testing groups, Cytovance provides method transfer, development, qualification, and validation, and in-process, release, and stability testing. Cytovance also has clinical-grade, liquid vial fill/finish capabilities, Master, Working, and End-of-Production cell banking, viral validation, and Process Characterization and Validation services. Cytovance operates out of four (4) facilities - three (3) located within the Oklahoma University Research Park, close to the city’s central business district encompassing over 100,000 square feet of laboratories, cGMP Drug Product and mammalian manufacturing, and administration space. Just north of the main campus is a 30,000 ft2 microbial cGMP manufacturing building, and a 100,000 ft2 cGMP warehouse. Cytovance welcomes appropriate Synthorx representatives to tour the facilities and perform a detailed review of Cytovance’s facility design, equipment, validation, process flow, and quality systems. Analytical Test Equipment Test Quality Control Equipment Analytical Development Equipment pH Xxxxxxx 350 pH meter Xxxxxxx Toledo Conductivity Mettler Mettler Osmolality Advanced Instruments Micro-Osmometer 3300 N/A % Purity/Aggregates Waters 2695 HPLC Agilent 1100/1200 HPLC/Waters 2695 HPLC/Acquity H-Class Bio UPLC Bioburden Millipore Milliflex single head pump system Certified biological safety cabinet Precision Incubator N/A Endotoxin Molecular Devices Spectra Max 384 plus UV/Vis plate reader/ Endosafe PTS Molecular Devices Spectra Max M2e/ Endosafe PTS Protein content Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx DU 730 spectrophotometer Molecular Devices Spectra Max 384 Plus Molecular Devices Spectra Max M2e Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx DU 730 spectrophotometer Eppendorf Biophotometer Molecular Devices Spectra Max M2e ELISA Lab Line Instruments Titer Plate Shaker Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx MW96/384 plate washer Molecular Devices Spectra Max 384 plus Molecular Devic...
Production Facility. The responsibility of the supplier will be to ensure the availability of production machine hardware and consumables during the entire period of operation. The Purchaser shall confirm the commencement and duration of the project to convert all old drivers licence issued to the new proposed Drivers Licence Card.
Production Facility. The Swapped Cargo shall be loaded from a Production Facility that complies with Section 3.2 of the DES SPA.
Production Facility the facilities for the production, storage, and loading of LNG onto LNG vessels and the berthing of LNG vessels, including any Gas pretreatment and processing facilities, liquefaction facilities, storage tanks, utilities, terminal facilities, and associated port and marine facilities, and all other related facilities both inside and outside the LNG plant, inclusive of all LNG production trains, including any future expansions or modifications of any such facilities described above;
Production Facility a. * agrees to dedicate at least fifteen (15) and up to twenty five (25) high temperature furnace systems for LSO crystal growth by * technique for CTI within the next 24 months starting July 1999. Such furnaces must be sufficient for the growth of LSO crystals which meet the single crystal specifications set forth in Exhibit A attached hereto.
Production Facility. Swapped Cargo Force Majeure relief in respect of Transporter for an event affecting a Production Facility or Connecting Pipeline:
Production Facility. Supplier shall be solely responsible and liable for (A) the design, development, permitting, construction, operation, maintenance, and repair of the Production Facility in accordance with all applicable Laws, any O&M Agreement, and Prudent Industry Practices in order to extract, capture, handle, process, store, compress, treat, and/or transport LFG from the North Country Landfill and transport and deliver RNG to Purchaser at the Designated Receipt Points, and (B) all costs and expenses associated with the design, development, construction, operation, maintenance, and repair of the Production Facility, including, without limitation, utilities expenses. Without limiting the foregoing, Supplier acknowledges and agrees that it shall be solely responsible and liable for: (A) designing and constructing the Production Facility in accordance with specifications mutually developed by the parties and acceptable to Purchaser in its discretion (the “Design Specifications”), which Design Specifications will comply with all applicable GTI StandardsRNG Specifications; (B) obtaining and maintaining all local, state, and federal Permits necessary for the construction and operation of the Production Facility (the “Required Permits”); and (C) operating, maintaining, and repairing the Production Facility in accordance with Prudent Industry Practices and any O&M Agreement and in such a manner to satisfy and comply with all applicable Laws (including, without limitation all Environmental Laws) and the GTI StandardsRNG Specifications. Supplier shall complete all repair, replacement, and maintenance work required for the Production Facility to continue to operate in accordance with Prudent Industry Practices, any O&M Agreement applicable Laws, and the GTI StandardsRNG Specifications in a timely manner.