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Food Truck. To provide a food truck at the Event. ☐ - Buffet. A buffet-style experience with food stations. ☐ - Hors d’Oeuvres. At least [#] servers offering food on small trays.
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Food Truck. If participating as a Daily Vendor, please circle the dates that you will be at the market. Remember, you must attend a minimum of three market days. If not all of the dates you would like to participate are available, we will contact you with the available dates. June July August September October 5 3 7 4 2 12 10 15 11 9 19 17 21 18 16 26 24 28 25 $50 Deposit - Required for All Vendors (Except Food Trucks) $50 deposit - due upon signing ● Please write a separate check for the deposit made out to the Oakwood Farmers’ Market, and write your business name in the memo line if it is not already on the check. ● This check will not be cashed, and will be returned if attendance requirements are met and market guidelines are followed.
Food Truck. As in 2017 (note: this was not included in our TF 2017 Special Use Permit application because the sponsor came on board in February), we will plan to house the Fresh Ideas food truck within the street closure area. The food truck will be brought in on Thursday, March 1, 2018, and will be stationed on the south end of the tent (perpendicular to the sidewalk) for the time that the tent is up. Once the tent is removed on the morning of Friday, March 2, the food truck will be relocated to be stationed parallel to the sidewalk, and located approximately in front of the MO Theater Box Office/Columbia Art League. The truck is 8’ wide, 24’ long, and 11’ tall; we will use power as noted above to power the food truck (rather than a generator, which is prohibitively loud). Please see the included map document for a planned layout of the street closure, including the food truck placement. As noted above, we will have a tent installed outside Missouri Theatre for the Jubliee on Thursday, March

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  • Food Service If the Charter School offers food services on its own or through a third-party contract, the Charter School may apply directly to, and if approved, operate school nutrition programs with reimbursement from the United States Department of Agriculture, under supervision of the Tennessee Department of Education.

  • Food and Beverages No food or beverage may be brought onto the Ship without City Cruises’ prior authorization, granted in City Cruises’ sole discretion. No food or beverage may be removed from the Ship.

  • Food and Beverage All food and beverages (alcoholic and non alcoholic) which are located at the Hotel (whether opened or unopened), or ordered for future use at the Hotel as of the Closing, including, without limitation, all food and beverages located in the guest rooms, but expressly excluding any alcoholic beverages to the extent the sale or transfer of the same is not permitted under Applicable Law (the “F&B”);

  • PATROL VIDEO SYSTEMS 2 1. As part of the law enforcement services to be provided to CITY, COUNTY 3 has provided, or will provide, patrol video systems (hereinafter called “PVS”) 4 that are or will be mounted in patrol vehicles designated by COUNTY for 5 use within CITY service area.

  • Engine A. Any internal repairs or replacement of internal components, or replacement of engine assembly.

  • Fast Food Outlets This proposal does not seek to interfere with the existing Fast Food Agreement.

  • Television Equipment Recycling Program If this Contract is for the purchase or lease of covered television equipment, then Contractor certifies that it is compliance with Subchapter Z, Chapter 361 of the Texas Health and Safety Code related to the Television Equipment Recycling Program.

  • Electrical Service Electrical service for new construction or a renovated existing building shall be 480/277-volt, 3-phase, 4-wire or approved equal. Service shall be sized for HVAC and other mechanical system(s) loads, lighting, general building services, and dedicated computer based office equipment loads. 5 xxxxx per square foot shall be provided for lighting and general service receptacles. Size of neutral conductor of 3- phase circuits shall be twice that of phase conductor to accommodate potential harmonic currents associated with computer system electronic power supplies and fluorescent lighting fixtures electronic ballasts. An adequately sized 3 phase “wye” wound step down transformer shall be provided to supply 208/120-volt, 3 phase power, for lighting, general service receptacles and dedicated computer based office equipment. Dedicated, isolated ground circuits shall be supplied from separate isolated ground power distribution panel(s). Lighting circuits shall be supplied from separate lighting panel(s). Panels shall have 20% spare capacity and be complete with 10% spare breakers of each size, but no less than 1 spare. No more than 4 duplex receptacles shall be connected to any single 20-amp dedicated isolated ground circuit or general service circuit.

  • Television Equipment Recycling If this Contract is for the purchase or lease of covered television equipment, then Contractor certifies that it is compliance with Subchapter Z, Chapter 361 of the Texas Health and Safety Code related to the Television Equipment Recycling Program.

  • Pipelines Developer shall have no interest in the pipeline gathering system, which gathering system shall remain the sole property of Operator or its Affiliates and shall be maintained at their sole cost and expense.

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