Engine Sample Clauses

Engine. Each of the two General Electric CF6-80C2-A5F engines listed by its manufacturer's serial number in the initial Lease Supplement and leased pursuant to the Lease, whether or not from time to time installed on the Airframe or installed on any other airframe or on any other aircraft, and any Replacement Engine which may from time to time be substituted for an Engine pursuant to Section 7.02(a)(vii), 10.02(c), 10.03, 11.03, 11.04 or 12.02 of the Lease, together with all Parts related thereto. Except as otherwise provided, at such time as a Replacement Engine shall be so substituted and the Engine for which the substitution is made shall be released from the Lien of the Indenture, such replaced Engine shall cease to be an "Engine" under the Lease. The term "Engines" means, as of any date of determination, both Engines then leased to the Lessee pursuant to the Lease.
Engine. The engine shall be in operation according to CISPR 12. For vehicle with an electric propulsion motor or hybrid propulsion system, if this is not appropriate (e.g. in case of busses, trucks, two- and three wheel vehicles), transmission shafts, belts or chains may be disconnected to achieve the same operation condition for the propulsion.
Engine. 3.2.1. The 688(cc) displacement engine with overhead valve and electronic ignition and shall deliver have a governed speed of 3600 rpm. The engine shall be equipped with the following:
Engine. (clause 2.3.1(i); annex 1, definition) CFM56-7 spare engine bearing Engine Serial Number * Serviceability Tag: Latest EASA Form 1 and FAA Form 8130-3 release certificate or alternatively one EASA Form 1 with FAA dual release or FAA form 8130-3 with EASA dual release. 2A+B. Engine Flight Hours (2A)
Engine. Engine electronic controls and all internal parts, except for external lines and hoses.
Engine. The test vehicle shall have the largest heat exchanger(s).
Engine. All internally lubricated components and: Balance Shaft; Camshaft; Crankshaft; Crankshaft Pulley; Cylinder Heads; Engine Block; Engine Mounts; Engine Oil Reservoir; Engine Oil Reservoir Pump; Equipment Drive Shaft;