Fiscal Sample Clauses

Fiscal. CONTINGENCY All payments under this contract are contingent upon the availability to the City of Nashua of the necessary funds. This contract shall terminate and the City of Nashua's obligations under it shall be extinguished at the end of any fiscal year in which the City of Nashua fails to appropriate monies for the ensuing fiscal year sufficient for the performance of this contract. Nothing in this contract shall be construed to provide Independent Contractor with a right of payment over any other entity. Any funds obligated by the City of Nashua under this contract that are not paid to Independent Contractor shall automatically revert to the City of Nashua’s discretionary control upon the completion, termination, or cancellation of the agreement. The City of Nashua shall not have any obligation to re-award or to provide, in any manner, the unexpended funds to Independent Contractor. Independent Contractor shall have no claim of any sort to the unexpended funds.
Fiscal. 1. Expenditure-Revenue Report – CONTRACTOR shall submit Expenditure and Revenue Reports to ADMINISTRATOR in support of the monthly invoice. These reports shall be on a form approved or provided by ADMINISTRATOR and shall report actual costs and revenue for each of the CONTRACTOR’s program(s) or cost center(s) described in the Services Paragraph of this Exhibit A-2 to the Agreement. These reports are due to ADMINISTRATOR by the twentieth (20th) calendar day of each month following the end of the month being reported.
Fiscal. 47. Liverpool City Region will create a Single Investment Fund (SIF) that draws together city region and agreed national funding streams to deliver an ambitious investment programme across the city region to unlock the economic potential of the River Mersey and Superport as well as maximise the opportunities from HS2. Liverpool City Region commits to capitalising the SIF and prioritising investment based on economic impact. To support this investment approach, the government agrees to allocate an additional £30m per annum of funding for 30 years (75% capital and 25% revenue), which will form part of and capitalise the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority single pot. The fund will be subject to 5-yearly gateway assessments.
Fiscal. 1. The length of the regular certificated employee contract shall be one hundred eighty (180) days in total. In the event the State or District funds additional or extended days/hours the Association and District shall agree upon the pay rate (per diem or curriculum rate) and upon where the days will be placed and their usage.
Fiscal. 3.2.1 DEH will pay Grantee up to the amount set out for each task or milestone in the Pricing Schedule in Exhibit C, for the work specified in Exhibit A, not to exceed verified costs to complete that task or milestone. Cost verifications shall include hours expended by person and shall be based on that person’s customary and ordinary billing rates for government-funded work at the time work is performed, unless a lower rate is set out in the grantee’s proposal. Grantee may seek a grant amendment to move funds not used to complete a task or milestone to another task or milestone, if another task or milestone has a funding shortfall.
Fiscal. The fiscal year of the Company shall be fixed by resolution ---------- ------- of the Board of Directors.