First Time Sample Clauses

First Time. To start using rooms at the Trust you will need to write to the Operations and Facilities Manager at the Trust and explain how you will be using the room with the relevant details of your background and experience that justifies your proposed use of the room in accordance with the section on Professional Regulation (Item 3.1) in these Terms and Conditions. You will be notified regarding the Trust’s decision to accept you as a Hirer. No one will be permitted to rent rooms at the Trust until they have signed and returned the form accepting these Terms and Conditions and provided the necessary documentation (see item 3.1). It is the responsibility of the Hirer to be aware of and to comply with all aspects of this document. The room Hirer should keep the Trust up to date with insurance renewal certificates and any changes to their details.
First Time. If a member is at-risk or unable to spend the allocation within the designated timeline, the Consortium will provide assistance and will notify the member and its Superintendent that it is at-risk:  Unspent funds will return back to the consortium to be reallocated and member will be held harmless.

Related to First Time

  • Part-Time Employees in this category shall be hired pursuant to such procedures as the Employer may establish and shall be assigned to regular schedules of less than forty (40) hours in a service week, or shall be available to work flexible hours as assigned by the Employer during the course of a service week.

  • Flex Time Upon agreement of the supervisor's immediate supervisor, an individual flex-time schedule may be established.

  • Lieu Time (1) An employee may request that overtime hours be taken as time off.

  • Business Time During the Employment Period, the Executive agrees to devote full attention during normal business hours to the business and affairs of the Company and Affiliates and to use the Executive's best efforts to perform faithfully and efficiently the responsibilities assigned to the Executive hereunder, to the extent necessary to discharge such responsibilities, except for (i) time spent in managing the Executive's personal, financial and legal affairs and serving on corporate, civic or charitable boards or committees, in each case only if and to the extent not substantially interfering with the performance of such responsibilities, and (ii) periods of vacation and sick leave to which the Executive is entitled. It is expressly understood and agreed that the Executive's continuing to serve on any boards and committees on which the Executive is serving or with which the Executive is otherwise associated immediately preceding the Effective Date shall not be deemed to interfere with the performance of the Executive's services to the Company or Affiliates.

  • Sick Time An employee shall have all of his/her accrued sick leave credits transferred when the employee is transferred to a different State agency.

  • Wash-Up Time 60.01 Where the Employer determines that due to the nature of the work there is a clear cut need, wash-up time up to a maximum of ten (10) minutes will be permitted before the end of the working day, or immediately following and contiguous to the working day.

  • Court Time An employee who is called to appear as a witness in his/her official capacity by a court, including administrative court, on a scheduled day off, a scheduled vacation day or other approved day off shall be paid for the hours so spent, including actual, necessary travel time, at his/her regular hourly rate. This hourly rate shall include the non-standard premium for those employees designated as non-standard. Payment under this Article shall be the total payment for such court time from all sources other than regular pay for the scheduled day off. An employee who is assigned a State vehicle shall be entitled to use such vehicle on such occasions.

  • Pacific Time If enabled by Platform, the Same Day ACH means that the transfer will be performed within one (1) business day. Any same day ACH transfer scheduled after the cut-off time will be treated as if it were scheduled as next day ACH transfer. In some circumstances, transactions may be delayed for risk or compliance reasons.

  • Lost Time The County agrees to pay for all reasonable time lost by an employee during his regular scheduled working hours while representing a grievance in attending the steps of the grievance procedure, provided, however, the County reserves the right to impose discipline if the privilege is being abused. Lost time shall be compensated at the employee's straight time pay.

  • The Effective Time Upon the terms and subject to the conditions set forth in this Agreement, on the Closing Date, Parent, Merger Sub and the Company will cause the Merger to be consummated pursuant to the DGCL by filing a certificate of merger in customary form and substance (the “Certificate of Merger”) with the Secretary of State of the State of Delaware in accordance with the applicable provisions of the DGCL (the time of such filing and acceptance for record by the Secretary of State of the State of Delaware, or such later time as may be agreed in writing by Parent, Merger Sub and the Company and specified in the Certificate of Merger, being referred to herein as the “Effective Time”).