Fill Sample Clauses

Fill. If fill material is required to bring the subgrade to final elevation, it shall be clean and free of deleterious materials. It shall be placed in 6-inch maximum layers, and compacted by a mechanical vibratory compactor to a minimum density of 90 and a maximum 95% in accordance with ASTM D1557.
Fill. A. Perform filling work in accordance with Section 120 of FDOT Standard Specifications, in the locations shown on the Drawings.
Fill. For purposes of this paragraph, Paper Inserts are defined as lightweight, paper-based, promotional items the same size or smaller than a standard single CD, or pre-folded to such size.
Fill. The Contractor shall fill where needed, within the easement, to provide cover as indicated on the drawings.
Fill. This Agreement does not authorize the use of any fill. Placement of In-stream Structures
Fill. The addition of soil, sand, rock, gravel, sediment, earth-retaining structure, or other material to an area water word of the ordinary high watermark, in wetlands, or shorelands in a manner that raises the elevation or creates dry land.
Fill. Exhibit A. Any termination of this Agreement will automatically terminate the audiofile License, and any termination of the audiofile License will automatically terminate this Agreement.
Fill business, shall be in writing and delivered by certified mail, postage prepaid and return receipt requested, or transmitted either by facsimile or electronic mail if confirmed contemporaneously by such mailing, to the addresses provided in writing, from time to time by the parties.
Fill. All fill and/or topsoil from plat must remain in the subdivision, any fill or topsoil stockpiled within the subdivision is the property of the subdivision developer and is not part of the sale of the lot on which it is stockpiled. As long as the Developer owns any lot in Creek Side Estates, the Developer reserves the right to direct the disposition of any dirt that is to be removed from any lot. However, such disposition, as directed by the Owner/Developer, shall be within a one-mile radius of the lot. It is the responsibility of the owner of the lot to contact the Developer prior to hauling out any fill. No fill or topsoil may be hauled out of this subdivision without permission of the developer.
Fill. All retail pharmacy prescription fills after the 3rd shall have a co-payment of 100%. The impact of any alterations to the Bay-Arenac ISD Health Plan specifications which are required by action of an administrative agency, order of a court, legislative enactment or by decisions of the underwriter, carrier, third party administrator, or non-profit health care corporation will be subject to bargaining if so required by either the Board or the Association. The health care plan specifications set forth in the Article shall not include coverage for services which the Board is prohibited from funding under Section 166d of the State School Aid Act or its successor provision.