Equity Sample Clauses

Equity. The equity awards held by the Executive shall continue to be governed by the terms and conditions of the Company’s applicable equity incentive plan(s) and the applicable award agreement(s) governing the terms of such equity awards held by the Executive (collectively, the “Equity Documents”); provided, however, and notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the Equity Documents, Section 6(a)(ii) of this Agreement shall apply in the event of a termination by the Company without Cause or by the Executive for Good Reason in either event within the Change in Control Period (as such terms are defined below).
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Equity. Party B will not issue, purchase or redeem any equity or debt securities of Party B.
Equity. All shares of restricted stock granted to the Executive by the Company shall become vested in full upon the termination. Additionally, if the termination occurs prior to the Performance Share Vesting Date, the vesting of 100% of the Target Number of Performance Shares shall be accelerated and such Performance Shares shall be deemed Vested Performance Shares effective as of the date of the termination. The vesting of all Unvested Common Shares issued in settlement of the Performance Share Award shall be accelerated in full effective as of the date of such termination. Except as set forth in this Section 8(e)(i)(c), the treatment of stock options, performance share awards and all other equity awards granted to the Executive by the Company that remain outstanding immediately prior to the date of such Change in Control shall be determined in accordance with their terms.
Equity. Vesting acceleration of one hundred percent (100%) of Executive’s outstanding unvested Equity Awards on the date of Executive’s termination. If, however, an outstanding Equity Award is to vest and/or the amount of the Equity Award to vest is to be determined based on the achievement of performance criteria, then the Equity Award will vest as to one hundred percent (100%) of the amount of the Equity Award assuming the performance criteria had been achieved at target levels for the relevant performance period(s).
Equity. Promptly, and in no event later than three Business Days of the date of the issuance by any Borrower or any of its Subsidiaries of any Equity Interests (other than (A) in the event that any Borrower or any of its Subsidiaries forms any Subsidiary in accordance with the terms hereof, the issuance by such Subsidiary of Equity Interests to such Borrower or such Subsidiary, as applicable, (B) the issuance of Equity Interests by Administrative Borrower to any Person that is an equity holder of Administrative Borrower prior to such issuance (a “Subject Holder”) so long as such Subject Holder did not acquire any Equity Interests of Administrative Borrower so as to become a Subject Holder concurrently with, or in contemplation of, the issuance of such Equity Interest to such Subject Holder, (C) the issuance of Equity Interests of Administrative Borrower to directors, officers and employees of Administrative Borrower and its Subsidiaries pursuant to employee stock option plans (or other employee incentive plans or other compensation arrangements) approved by the Board of Directors, (D) the issuance of Equity Interests of Administrative Borrower in order to finance the purchase consideration (or a portion thereof) in connection with a Permitted Acquisition, (E) the issuance of Equity Interests of Administrative Borrower in connection with the raising of Curative Equity, and (F) the issuance of Equity Interests by a Subsidiary of a Borrower to its parent or member in connection with the contribution by such parent or member to such Subsidiary of the proceeds of an issuance described in clauses (A) – (F) above), Borrowers shall prepay the outstanding principal amount of the Obligations in accordance with Section 2.4(f)(i) in an amount equal to 100% of the Net Cash Proceeds received by such Person in connection with such issuance. The provisions of this Section 2.4(e)(iv) shall not be deemed to be implied consent to any such issuance otherwise prohibited by the terms of this Agreement.
Equity. Executive will be eligible to receive awards of stock options, restricted stock units or other equity awards pursuant to any plans or arrangements the Company may have in effect from time to time. The Board (or its compensation committee) will determine in its discretion whether Executive will be granted any such equity awards and the terms of any such award in accordance with the terms of any applicable plan or arrangement that may be in effect from time to time, provided that in no case will the terms of any such award deviate from the accelerated vesting provisions set forth elsewhere herein.
Equity. Upon the occurrence of a Change in Control, all stock options, restricted stock and other stock-based grants to Employee by the Company or that may be granted in the future shall, irrespective of any provisions of his award agreements, immediately and irrevocably vest and become exercisable and any restrictions thereon shall lapse. All stock options shall remain exercisable from the date of the Change in Control until the expiration of the term of such stock options.
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Equity. In partial consideration of the license granted to Company under this Agreement, on or about April 18, 2003, Company shall issue to Medical School a total number of shares of Common Stock of Company, ($.01 par value per share) equal to {***} of the outstanding shares of Company. Company shall register the shares that are issued to the Medical School within ninety (90) days after their issuance and those shares will then be unrestricted.
Equity. All Equity vested at time of termination shall be retained by Executive and all Equity that has not vested shall be accelerated and be deemed vested for purposes of this Section 5.
Equity. All of Executive’s unvested and outstanding equity awards that would have become vested had Executive remained in the employ of the Company for the twelve (12)-month period following Executive’s termination of employment shall immediately vest and become exercisable as of the date of Executive’s termination. In addition, Executive will have six (6) months following any such termination of employment in which to exercise any stock options, stock appreciation rights, or similar rights to acquire Company common stock, but in no event will such equity award be permitted to be exercised beyond the earlier of the original maximum term of such equity award or ten (10) years from the original grant date of such equity award.
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