Enjoyment Sample Clauses

Enjoyment. It is important for the hockey experience to be fun, satisfying and rewarding for the participant.
Enjoyment. This shared-use commercial Facility is a unique facility meant to be useful to and enjoyed by its Users. The Facility has been furnished to accommodate a wide variety of start-up businesses. It is necessary that all Users work collectively to make this shared-use space work for all. Cooperation will benefit everyone and will allow harmony in the entire space. It is the desire of BRFV to aid the many persons that may desire to start their business and provide a clean and workable space for all parties. We wish each User’s business the greatest success with their product and with their business. May each grow and prosper and become a contributing member of our community. This Agreement is executed this day of , 20 , by the duly authorized representative of each party. BLUE RIDGE FOOD VENTURES, LLC Legal Name of User’s Business
Enjoyment. LESSEE shall have quiet and peaceable possession as long as compliance is made by LESSEE with the terms of this Lease Agreement. LESSEE, his heirs successors or assigns, shall occupy the premises as a single family residence; but this condition shall not prejudice rights of a holder of mortgage or deed of trust set forth elsewhere in this residential lease agreement. LESSEE certifies that there are no other dwellings on the Leased Premises other than LESSEE'S dwelling.
Enjoyment. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, the Warrants are issued with full rights of enjoyment as from the date of their detachment from the Notes to which they are attached (i.e. as from the date of the subscription of the relevant Notes).
Enjoyment. Lessor covenants that it has full right and power to execute and perform this Lease and to grant the estate hereby conveyed and, if Lessee fully performs its duties under this Lease, that Lessee shall throughout the term hereof have the peaceable and quiet enjoyment and possession of the Leased Premises without interference from Lessor or from anyone lawfully claiming through Lessor.
Enjoyment. The Lessor hereby covenants that the Lessee will during the Lease Term peaceably and quietly have and hold and enjoy the Project without suit, trouble or hindrance from the Lessor, except as expressly required or permitted by this Lease. The Lessor will, at the request of the Lessee and at the cost of the Lessee, join and cooperate fully in any legal action regarding the Project and the Lessee may, at its own expense, join in any legal action affecting the Project.
Enjoyment. Landlord further covenants that, at the time it executes this instrument, there is no mortgage on the Premises and it has full right and power and authority to enter into this Lease and warrants to Tenant that quiet and peaceful possession of the Premises during the whole term of this Lease, and any renewals thereof, so long as Tenant is not in default hereunder beyond any applicable cure period set forth herein.
Enjoyment. Subject to the terms of the Permits, there are no circumstances which would entitle or require a landlord or any other person to exercise any power of entry upon or of taking possession of the Target Mine; and there are no proposals orders acts or things made and done or, to the best of the knowledge and belief of the Vendor or the Company, intended to be made or done by any governmental or any other competent authority concerning the compulsory acquisition of the Target Mine.
Enjoyment. The Carrier, upon payment of all fees payable hereunder and the performance of all of the covenants and provisions of this Agreement, shall and may peaceably have, hold and enjoy its rights to use of the TNAS in the Covered Facilities under this Agreement free of any act or claim of NYTP or anyone claiming by or through NYTP.