SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE PROPERTY i. All reports, training materials, manuals, and records, including computer-related materials, containing sales and/or Membership information, illustration software, etc., are and shall remain the sole and exclusive property of the Company, subject to inspection and review by the Company at any and all times.
SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE PROPERTY. (a) The System and all equipment, materials and engineering related thereto that are provided by OCC (excluding any Hotel Installed Property that may be provided by OCC) are the sole and exclusive property of OCC, and Marriott shall not place nor allow to be placed any lien, restriction, encumbrance, mortgage, claim or security interest to be attached to or be made against the System or any such related properties.
SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE PROPERTY. All references in this Section 10 to the Company shall include its Affiliates. All information, ideas, concepts, improvements, discoveries and inventions, whether patentable or not, which are conceived, made, developed or acquired by the Executive or which are disclosed or made known to the Executive, individually or in conjunction with others, during the Executive’s employment by the Company and which relate to the business, products or services of the Company (including, without limitation, all such information relating to corporate opportunities, research, financial and sales data, pricing and trading terms, evaluations, opinions, interpretations, acquisition prospects, the identity of customers or their requirements, the identity of key contacts within the customers’ organizations, marketing and merchandising techniques, and prospective names and service marks) are and shall be the sole and exclusive property of the Company. Furthermore, all drawings, memoranda, notes, records, files, correspondence, manuals, models, specifications, computer programs, maps and all other writings or materials of any type embodying any of such information, ideas, concepts, improvements, discoveries and inventions are and shall be the sole and exclusive property of the Company.


  • Exclusive Property The Executive confirms that all protected information is and shall remain the exclusive property of the Company Group. All business records, papers and documents kept or made by the Executive relating to the business of the Company shall be and remain the property of the Company Group.

  • Sole and Exclusive Remedy To the extent permissible under Applicable Law, this Section 7.1 represents the sole and exclusive remedy available to you against Siemens for infringement of intellectual property rights under the DSA.

  • NONEXCLUSIVE AGREEMENT This is not an exclusive agreement. Apple is free to engage others to perform Services or provide Goods the same as or similar to Seller's. Seller is free to, and is encouraged to, advertise, offer, and provide Seller's Services and/or Goods to others; provided however, that Seller does not breach this Agreement.

  • Nonexclusive Dealings This Agreement does not prevent either Party from providing or purchasing services to or from any other person nor, except as provided in Section 252(i) of the Act, does it obligate either Party to provide or purchase any services (except insofar as the Parties are obligated to provide access to Interconnection, services and Network Elements to <<customer_name>> as a requesting carrier under the Act).

  • Non-Exclusive License Sponsor grants Institution and Principal Investigator a royalty free non-exclusive license, with no right to sublicense, to use Trial Data for internal research or educational purposes. c.

  • Exclusive License North America has herein granted an exclusive license to the Operator together with its Know-how, technical experience and training program for the exploitation of the Insituform process within and throughout the defined Territory. If, despite North America's best efforts to maintain the exclusivity of its licenses and defend its Patent, Trademark and Copyright protections, such exclusivity and/or protections should be terminated for any reason whatsoever, the Operator hereunder is nevertheless obligated to comply in full with each and every term and condition of this agreement, including, but not limited to, the payment of Royalties to North America and the maintenance of high standards of quality and service.

  • Non-Exclusive Rights Notwithstanding anything herein contained that may be, or appear to be, to the contrary, it is expressly understood and agreed that the rights granted under this Agreement are non-exclusive and Authority herein reserves the right to grant similar privileges to another lessee or other tenants on other parts of the Airport.

  • Non-Exclusive Agreement The services of the Adviser to the Fund under this Agreement are not to be deemed exclusive, and the Adviser shall be free to render similar services or other services to others so long as its services hereunder are not impaired thereby.

  • Exclusive Negotiations The State will not bargain collectively or meet with any employee organization other than MSEA-SEIU with reference to terms and conditions of employment of employees covered by this Agreement. If any such organizations request meetings they will be advised by the State to transmit their requests concerning terms and conditions of employment to MSEA-SEIU.

  • Exclusive Dealing From the date hereof until the earlier of the Closing and the termination of this Agreement, Seller shall not, and shall cause the Group Companies, their respective Affiliates and each of their respective Representatives not to, directly or indirectly, take, or direct any other Person to take on its behalf, any action to solicit, encourage or enter into any negotiation, discussion, Contract or instrument, with, or provide any information to, any Person other than Buyer and its Affiliates and their respective Representatives, that relates to, or would reasonably be expected to lead to, (a) any sale of any Shares or any Equity Interests of the Company, (b) any lease, sale, transfer or other disposition of the assets of the Group Companies (other than in the ordinary course of business), (c) any merger, recapitalization or similar transaction with respect to the Group Companies, or (d) any other transaction that does or would reasonably be expected to impede or otherwise delay the transaction contemplated hereby (collectively, an “Alternative Transaction”). Seller shall not, and shall cause the Company, its Affiliates and each of their respective Representatives not to assist any third party in preparing or soliciting an offer relating in any way to an Alternative Transaction (in each case other than with respect to the transactions contemplated by this Agreement). Seller shall, and shall cause the Company, its Affiliates and each of their respective Representatives to, promptly following the date hereof, terminate any and all negotiations or discussions with any third party regarding any proposal concerning any Alternative Transaction. In the event that Seller or the Company receives any inquiry, proposal or offer from any third party concerning an Alternative Transaction, Seller shall promptly notify Buyer in writing of the receipt of any such correspondence as well as the material terms thereof.