Software Platform definition

Software Platform means one or more of the following target deployment platforms: SteamVR, Oculus Rift Mobile, Oculus Rift Desktop, Google VR Android, Google VR iOS.
Software Platform means the executable, object code version(s) of Kion’s proprietary software, technology, databases, libraries, applications, algorithms, workflows, cloud formation templates and other proprietary methods and systems, including any update, upgrade, release or any other modification that Kion may optionally and periodically provide to customers. For the avoidance of doubt, "Software Platform" does not include any Third-Party Software components, Reference Materials, or any new version of the Software Platform that Kion may introduce and market as a distinct licensed product that may be available to Customer at an additional cost under a separate agreement or by written amendment.
Software Platform means one or more of the following target deployment platforms as documented between Nokia and Licensee: ☐ SteamVR ☐ Oculus Rift Mobile ☐Oculus Rift Desktop ☐ Google VR Android ☐Google VR iOS

Examples of Software Platform in a sentence

  • Customer is responsible for all cloud usage and infrastructure charges including the cost of running the Software Platform within its cloud environment.

  • Customer agrees to pay the Reseller the applicable fees, and Customer will have no direct fee payment obligations to Kion for the Software Platform.

  • However, Kion may suspend Customer’s license and/or terminate this Agreement (including Customer’s right to use the Software Platform) if Kion does not receive payment for Customer’s use of the Software Platform from the Reseller or if Customer breaches any term of this Agreement.

  • As a separate product included in the Subscription, at no cost or fee, Customer will be able to access and download a library of sample policies, cloud formation templates, cloud rules, and other reference materials (collectively, “Reference Materials”) for use in connection with the Software Platform.

  • Kion has no obligation to install or configure the Software Platform unless the Customer separately purchases such Professional Services.

More Definitions of Software Platform

Software Platform. Platform means the technology solutions on the URL which have been built using the best technology platforms available in open source. The Solution is truly robust, scalable and capable of handling 1000s of simultaneous transactions and can seamlessly integrate with most vendor partners, Courier partners and payment gateways. The solution can be categorized into three parts- the front end (customer facing) and the back end (vendor facing) and the business – analytics.
Software Platform shall have the meaning set forth in the recitals.
Software Platform means a computer program that (i) manages other computer programs in a computer, (ii) is used by application programs by making requests for services through a defined application program interface, (iii) contains a distinctive user interface and (iv) allows other software to execute without direct interaction with the underlying operating system, and the termCompeting Platform” means any commercially available Software Platform that competes with the PS OS Software, including without limitation the Windows Mobile and Symbian Software Platforms.
Software Platform means the proprietary software platform which facilitates the encryption of data for transmission to a Recipient and the decryption by a Recipient as required to receive the functionality of the SDX Modules, as more particularly described in Annex A;
Software Platform means the edition and version of Licensor’s commercially available software specified in the applicable Quotation (or if a version is not specified, the current version of such software on the date of the General Terms and Conditions included in the Agreement) and includes new versions that may be provided to Licensee by Licensor pursuant to the Agreement. The Software Platform may include certain software associated with that edition and installed on client computers (i.e. computers that are not normally accessible over the network by other users), and/or servers and/or cloud based services hosted by or on behalf of Cybereason, including, the web-based user interface and Cybereason Sensor software resident on Licensee and User machines. The portions of the Software Platform that are delivered hereunder are licensed in object code form only, and are not sold.
Software Platform means the software platforms (including any application program interface(s)) to which Contractor provides access to Customer and Participants under this Agreement in order for Customer to use or receive the Services, including, ToxAccess and custom solutions and interfaces.
Software Platform. IT platform used by the Contracting Party to connect to the GIREVE Roaming Platform through the selected Protocol.