Employee or Person definition

Employee or Person means a member of academic faculty or an officer or staff of the University on the rolls of the University.
Employee or Person means a member of academic faculty or an officer or staff of the University
Employee or Person means a member of the academic staff or an officer or non-teaching staff of the College who are on the rolls of the College

Examples of Employee or Person in a sentence

  • The Begin Date is the date entered.The End Date is the expected start date.Job DataWorkforce Administration>Job Information>Job Data Work Location Employee or Person of Interest (Affiliate) Effective Date: First day the new action row takes place.

  • The quality assurance programs shall, at a minimum, include a review of client records (without client identifiers) by professionals not employed by the Resultant Contractor, the development and implementation of client satisfaction surveys and cooperation with the Department’s client record and administrative reviews.

  • A Discloser (or another Employee or Person) may seek compensation and other remedies through the courts if they have suffered detriment as a result of a disclosure and Waterco fails to take reasonable precautions and exercise due diligence to prevent the detriment, however this will not include reports of non-detrimental conduct.

  • In addition, a Complainant may choose not to make a report in their own case, even if the Complainant would otherwise have reporting obligations as a Responsible Employee or Person.

  • Employee or Person immediately informsrespective structural unit in following cases: 5.10.1. The Employee or Person notices the circumstances which, in his opinion, may rise Conflict of Interest; 5.10.2. The Customer, Employee or Person intends to buy or sell a financial instrument that is included in the list of Conflicts of interest referred in Article 6.3 5.11.

  • Upon establishment of any infringements of the procedures stipulated in the Policy the respective structural unit, Employee or Person shall immediately report in writing to the Bank’s respective structural unit according to app roved procedure of infringements reporting.

  • Contrary to Person 9's testimony, Person 2 testified that no verbal or physical threats were made by either Employee or Person 6.

  • Non Employee or Person of Interest (POI) – a user who needs Campus Solutions access but is not an employee of the University.

  • Overall results suggest that CSR has a positive, though sometimes weak, relationship with financial performance.

  • Except for the CBA and as set forth on Schedule 4.13(c), there are no Contracts that provide for employment for a specified duration, provide for severance or other benefits in the event of termination or establish a standard of just cause for dismissal between Seller and any current Seller Employee or Person who was a Seller Employee at any time after January 1, 2016.

Related to Employee or Person

  • Spouse or partner means a person (including same sex partners) who lives with the principal policy holder in a marital or de facto relationship.

  • Eligible Executive means an employee of the Company selected as being eligible to participate in this Plan under Section C.1.a.

  • Male employee means an employed male who is caring for a child borne of his spouse or a child placed with the employee for adoption purposes.

  • Covered Executive means any “executive officer” of the Company as defined under Rule 10D-1.

  • Executive Employee means those employees of the Company of Grade Level 10 or above.

  • Female employee means an employed female who is pregnant or is caring for a child she has borne or a child who has been placed with her for adoption purposes.

  • Eligible Spouse means a spouse of an Eligible Retiree who satisfies the requirements for eligibility described in the Eligibility section of this document, or an ex-spouse who is an Eligible Spouse with rights to coverage as an Eligible Spouse pursuant to a court order recognized by SHARP. A Spouse must be married to retiree at least one year prior to the effective date of retirement. A Spouse married after the retiree’s effective retirement date is considered a non-eligible spouse for purposes of the Plan. [See “Spouse”]

  • Current Participant means a person who participated in the Plans during the Class Period and had an Active Account.

  • Former Participant means a person who has been a Participant, but who has ceased to be a Participant for any reason.

  • Qualified Participant means a Participant who has attained age 55 and who has completed at least 10 years of participation in the Plan.

  • Qualified beneficiary means a beneficiary who, on the date the beneficiary's qualification is determined:

  • Eligible Employee means full-time and part-time employees in the bargaining unit who have completed four hundred and fifty (450) hours of service and who are not prohibited from contributing to the Plan by legislation or the Plan rules because of their age or because they are in receipt of a pension from the Plan.

  • Former Spouse means the individual who is considered by Applicable Laws to be the Annuitant’s former spouse or common-law partner;

  • Surviving Spouse means the widow or widower, as the case may be, of a Deceased Participant or a Deceased Beneficiary (as applicable).

  • Former Member means a member that has withdrawn from a qualified authority under this section or a prior member of a qualified authority that has been dissolved under this section.

  • Transferring Employee means an employee at the airport who timely transfers to the regional authority by the transfer date.

  • State employee means state employee as defined in § 51.1-124.3, employee as defined in

  • Applicable Public Official or State Employee means any public official or state employee described in

  • Inactive Employee means an employee who is not actively at work due to approved leave of absence, short-term disability leave or military leave.