District Data Sample Clauses

District Data. All information obtained by the Contractor from the District or by the Contractor in connection with the Services provided by the Contractor pursuant to the Service Agreement, including but not limited to business, administrative and financial data, intellectual property, student and personnel data, and metadata. The term, "District Data" does not include any information made publicly available by the District, except Personally Identifiable Information from student and personnel data which will be considered "District Data" regardless of whether or not it is made public.
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District Data. (a) District Data shall include the following components:
District Data. District is responsible for the District Data (except for SAP’s hosting of the Customer Data within the Cloud Service pursuant to the Agreement) and for entering, transferring or otherwise inputting all District Data into the Cloud Services. District shall maintain reasonable security standards for its Authorized Usersuse of the Cloud Services. Customer will collect and maintain all personal data, which may include FERPA Records, contained in the Customer Data in compliance with applicable data privacy and protection laws. Without limiting the District’s obligations above with respect to Customer Data, the parties understand that SAP’s is responsible for hosting the Customer Data within the Cloud Service, subject to the Agreement.
District Data. Pursuant to a fully executed MOA in furtherance of an Approved Research Project, the District may provide Urban with Confidential Information. Such information may include (i) “Student Datacomprised of (a) personally identifiable student-level data, (b) de-identified student-level data, or
District Data. Notwithstanding any language to the contrary in this Agreement or any exhibit to this Agreement, any data or other material furnished by District for use by Contractor under this Agreement shall remain the sole property of District and will be held in confidence.

Related to District Data

  • DISTRICT RIGHTS 5.1 It is understood and agreed that the District retains all of its powers and authority to direct, manage, and control to the full extent of the law.

  • District Insurance The District shall provide such insurance for the protection of employees as is required by RCW 28A.400.370 and upon annual renewal shall provide employees with a written summary of the coverage they have under the provisions of the District insurance policies. The District shall notify the President of any change in insurance coverage.

  • District Approval The work completed herein must meet the approval of the District and shall be subject to the District’s general right of inspection and supervision to secure the satisfactory completion thereof.

  • District Compliance The District shall conform to and comply with all health, safety, and sanitation requirements imposed by state or federal law or regulations adopted under state or federal law.

  • District Responsibility The District will pay to the retiree’s foreign medical carrier a monthly amount up to the maximum monthly amount that is paid to a carrier for the working members of the bargaining unit at the time the coverage is initiated.

  • District Responsibilities With respect to all sums deducted by the District pursuant to authorization of the employee, whether for membership dues or equivalent fees, the District agrees promptly to remit such monies to the Association together with an alphabetical list of unit members for who such deductions have been made, categorizing them as to membership or non-membership in the Association, and indicating any changes in personnel from the list previously furnished.

  • District Seniority District seniority is defined as the length of continuous paid employment with the District, calculated from the date of original hire, including the probationary period, if any, in a regular position.

  • District The public agency or the school district for which the Work is performed. The governing board of the District or its designees will act for the District in all matters pertaining to the Contract. The District may, at any time:

  • Territories The Agreement territory is limited to the United States of America, including the District of Columbia, only. It does not include Canada or U.S. Territories including Guam, Puerto Rico, or U.S. Virgin Islands.

  • SCHOOL DISTRICT RIGHTS Section 1. Inherent Managerial Rights 2 Section 2. Management Responsibilities 2 Section 3. Effect of Laws, Rules and Regulations 2 Section 4. Reservation of Managerial Rights 2

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