School District Rights definition

School District Rights. School District rights shall be as follows:

Examples of School District Rights in a sentence

  • Any violations of any Northshore School District Rights and Responsibilities concerning student conduct require explanation.

  • The work to be outlined in the schedule shall include, but not be limited to: Demolition of existing piping and equipment shown on the drawings as being demolished; installation of new piping and equipment; all required shutdowns of existing services and utilities and tie-ins to existing utilities.

  • Pike County School District Rights and Responsibilities It is the policy of the Pike County School District to maintain an environment that promotes ethical and responsible conduct in all online network activities by staff and students.

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  • School district means the Xxxxxx Independent School District, being a duly authorized and operating school district in the State, having the power to levy, assess, and collect ad valorem taxes within its boundaries and to which Subchapter C of the Act applies. The term also includes any successor independent school district or other successor governmental authority having the power to levy and collect ad valorem taxes for school purposes on the Applicant’s Qualified Property or the Applicant’s Qualified Investment.

  • School District/Public Entity means the School District/Public Entity that executes the contract.

  • School district of residence means the school district

  • School District/Public Entity means the School District/public entity that executes the Contract.

  • Eligible school district means a school district that:

  • District Property means all property owned by the District including, but not limited to, the Amenity Center, common areas, parking lots and ponds.

  • Resident school district means the public school district in which the student resides.

  • district municipality means a municipality that has municipal executive and legislative authority in an area that includes more than one municipality, and which is described in section 155 (1) of the Constitution as a category C municipality;

  • Small school district means a school district that meets all

  • Local school district means any school district in the State except the South Carolina Public Charter School District and does not include special school districts.

  • district heating or ‘district cooling’ means the distribution of thermal energy in the form of steam, hot water or chilled liquids, from a central source of production through a network to multiple buildings or sites, for the use of space or process heating or cooling;

  • Residential district means an area of a municipality where 75% or more of the area is zoned for residential housing.

  • State university means Montana state university-Bozeman.

  • Local district means a local government entity under Title 17B, Limited Purpose

  • Neighborhood electric vehicle means a self-propelled

  • Special service district means the same as that term is defined in Section 17D-1-102.

  • Urban district means the territory contiguous to and including any street or highway which is built up with structures devoted to business, industry, or dwelling houses situated at intervals of less than one hundred feet for a distance of a quarter of a mile or more, and the character of such territory is indicated by official traffic control devices.

  • Regional District means the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George.

  • AT&T LOUISIANA means the AT&T owned ILEC doing business in Louisiana.

  • District Manager means the District Manager of the Ottawa District Office of the Ministry;

  • District superintendent means the superintendent of a district or the chief administrator of a public school academy.

  • Districts – shall mean the Lake Ashton Community Development District (“LA CDD”) and Lake Ashton II Community Development District (“LAII CDD”), each a political subdivision of the State of Florida, created pursuant to Chapter 190 of the Florida Statutes. Each individually may be referred to herein as a “District.”

  • State purchased health care or "health care" means medical

  • District Engineer means the District Engineer of Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District, and Sacramento Area Sewer District, or his designee.

  • Health district means a city or general health district created by or under the authority of Chapter 3709. of the Revised Code.

  • District and high school graduation report means a report of the number of pupils, excluding adult education participants, in the district for the immediately preceding school year, adjusted for those pupils who have transferred into or out of the district or high school, who leave high school with a diploma or other credential of equal status.