Dishonored Checks Sample Clauses

Dishonored Checks. A charge of $ shall be imposed for each dishonored check made by TENANT to LANDLORD. TENANT agrees to pay all rents, all late fees, all notice fees and all costs to honor a returned check with certified funds. After TENANT has tendered a check which is dishonored, TENANT hereby agrees to pay all remaining payments including rent due under this Agreement by certified funds. Any payments tendered to LANDLORD thereafter, which are not in the form of certified funds, shall be treated as if TENANT failed to make said payment until certified funds are received. LANDLORD presumes that TENANT is aware of the criminal sanctions and penalties for issuance of a check which TENANT knows is drawn upon insufficient funds and which is tendered for the purpose of committing a fraud upon a creditor. All late fees and dishonored check charges shall be due when incurred and after thirty (30) days shall become additional rent.
Dishonored Checks. A charge of $ 100 shall be imposed for each dishonored check made by
Dishonored Checks. 16.1 All Checks returned for insufficient funds shall be subject to a service charge equal to the greatest amount the City may charge pursuant to Section 166.251, Florida Statutes (as may be amended from time to time).
Dishonored Checks. Fees will be assessed for any dishonored checks. A resident is liable under Civil Code, Section 1719 for triple the amount of the check (a minimum of $100 and a maximum of $500) if funds necessary to cover the check are not received within 10 days following a written notice. A resident may also have their Housing License revoked for non-payment of a dishonored check debt.
Dishonored Checks. In the event Mortgagor shall send to Mortgagee two (2) or more checks in any twelve (12) month period which are not honored by the bank, for any reason, Mortgagee shall have the right to require that all future payments be made by certified check, or other good funds, at Mortgagee's option.
Dishonored Checks. When a check received from a residential customer is dishonored, the company shall make two attempts, one outside of normal business hours, to contact the customer within 24 hours. The customer shall be given an additional 24 hours to pay before suspension/termination. The additional notice will be given provided that the customer has not submitted a dishonored check within the past 12 months.
Dishonored Checks. In the event any payment, including, but not limited to rent payments due under this Lease, is dishonored by Lessee's financial institution, Lessor shall be entitled to recover any and all charges assessed to Lessor by Lessor's financial institution in addition to the face amount of said dishonored check. Any payments thereafter shall only be accepted by Lessor in the form of a Cashier's Check or Money Order.
Dishonored Checks. Renter agrees to pay a service fee of $25.00, plus bank charges, to Bayshore Gardens District on returned checks. Such payments must be in cash or by Money Order.
Dishonored Checks. When any MEMBERS account has been paid with a dishonored check or bank draft, the following procedure will apply: