Payment of Any Amount Due Sample Clauses

Payment of Any Amount Due. Any amount due in connection with this Agreement or the use of the Airport shall be subject to the following terms; provided, however, that if any obligation is subject to payment terms pursuant to City ordinance or other City requirements that directly conflict with the following terms, such ordinance or other City requirements shall govern.

Related to Payment of Any Amount Due

  • Payment of Additional Amounts All payments made by the Guarantor under or with respect to the Guarantees will be made free and clear of and without withholding or deduction for or on account of any present or future taxes, duties, levies, imposts, assessments or governmental charges of whatever nature imposed or levied by or on behalf of any Taxing Jurisdiction (“Taxes”), unless the Guarantor is required to withhold or deduct Taxes by law or by the interpretation or administration thereof. In the event that Guarantor is required to so withhold or deduct any amount for or on account of any Taxes from any payment made under or with respect to the Guarantees, the Guarantor will pay such additional amounts (“Additional Amounts”) as may be necessary so that the net amount received by each holder of Securities (including Additional Amounts) after such withholding or deduction will equal the amount that such Holder would have received if such Taxes had not been required to be withheld or deducted; provided that no Additional Amounts will be payable with respect to a payment to a holder of the Offered Securities or a holder of a beneficial interests in the Offered Securities where such holder is subject to taxation on such payment by a relevant Taxing Jurisdiction for any reason other than such holder’s mere ownership of the Offered Securities or for or on account of:

  • Payment of accrued interest In the case of an Interest Period longer than 3 months, accrued interest shall be paid every 3 months during that Interest Period and on the last day of that Interest Period.

  • Payment of Amounts Due (a) In case an Event of Default described in clause (a) of Section 2.01 shall have happened and be continuing, then, upon demand of Beneficiary, Grantor will pay to Beneficiary the whole amount which then shall have become due and payable on the Note, for principal or interest or both, as the case may be, and after the happening of said Event of Default will also pay to Beneficiary interest at the Default Rate on the then unpaid principal of the Note, and the sums required to be paid by Grantor pursuant to any provision hereof, and in addition thereto such further amount as shall be sufficient to cover the costs and expenses of collection, including reasonable compensation to Trustee and Beneficiary, their agents and counsel and any expenses incurred by Trustee or Beneficiary hereunder. In the event Grantor shall fail forthwith to pay all such amounts upon such demand, Beneficiary shall be entitled and empowered to institute such action or proceedings at law or in equity as may be advised by its counsel for the collection of the sums so due and unpaid, and may prosecute any such action or proceedings to judgment or final decree, and may enforce any such judgment or final decree against Grantor and collect, out of the property of Grantor wherever situated, as well as out of the Mortgaged Property, in any manner provided by law, moneys adjudged or decreed to be payable.

  • Unconditional Right of Holders to Receive Principal and any Premium, Interest and Additional Amounts Notwithstanding any other provision in this Indenture, the Holder of any Security shall have the right, which is absolute and unconditional, to receive payment of the principal of, any premium and (subject to Section 3.5 and Section 3.7) interest on, and any Additional Amounts with respect to, such Security, on the respective Stated Maturity or Maturities therefor specified in such Security (or, in the case of redemption, on the Redemption Date or, in the case of repayment at the option of such Holder if provided in or pursuant to this Indenture, on the date such repayment is due) and to institute suit for the enforcement of any such payment, and such right shall not be impaired without the consent of such Holder.

  • Date and Denomination of Notes; Payments of Interest and Defaulted Amounts (a) The Notes shall be issuable in registered form without coupons in denominations of $1,000 principal amount and integral multiples thereof. Each Note shall be dated the date of its authentication and shall bear interest from the date specified on the face of such Note. Accrued interest on the Notes shall be computed on the basis of a 360-day year composed of twelve 30-day months and, for partial months, on the basis of the number of days actually elapsed in a 30-day month.

  • Payment Due Payment for services provided by BellSouth, including disputed charges, is due on or before the next xxxx date. Information required to apply payments must accompany the payment. The information must notify BellSouth of Billing Account Numbers (BAN) paid; invoices paid and the amount to be applied to each BAN and invoice (Remittance Information). Payment is considered to have been made when the payment and Remittance Information are received by BellSouth. If the Remittance Information is not received with payment, BellSouth will be unable to apply amounts paid to OneTone’s accounts. In such event, BellSouth shall hold such funds until the Remittance Information is received. If BellSouth does not receive the Remittance Information by the payment due date for any account(s), late payment charges shall apply.

  • Payment of Principal, any Premium, Interest and Additional Amounts The Company covenants and agrees for the benefit of the Holders of the Securities of each series that it will duly and punctually pay the principal of, any premium and interest on and any Additional Amounts with respect to the Securities of such series in accordance with the terms thereof, any Coupons appertaining thereto and this Indenture. Any interest due on any Bearer Security on or before the Maturity thereof, and any Additional Amounts payable with respect to such interest, shall be payable only upon presentation and surrender of the Coupons appertaining thereto for such interest as they severally mature.

  • Returned Payment Fee If your account is subject to a Returned Payment Fee, the fee will be charged to your account when a payment is returned for any reason.

  • PAYMENT OF LOAN FEE Borrower shall pay Bank a fee in the amount of Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000) ("Loan Fee") plus all out-of-pocket expenses.

  • Interest Calculation Interest on the outstanding principal balance of the Loan shall be calculated by multiplying (a) the actual number of days elapsed in the period for which the calculation is being made by (b) a daily rate based on a three hundred sixty (360) day year by (c) the outstanding principal balance.