Debit Sample Clauses

Debit. The Borrower hereby irrevocably authorizes the Bank and any subsequent holder of the Note, both before and after demand, to debit any of the Borrower’s business accounts maintained with the Bank (or subsequent holder) for all sums (including without limitation principal, interest, late fees, and other fees) payable from time to time under this Agreement and the other Loan Documents. In addition, if the Borrower has signed a separate authorization, the Bank is authorized to initiate ACH debit transfers for the Loan payments and on the business account(s) specified in the authorization. These provisions shall not obligate the Bank to create or allow any overdraft, and such authority shall not relieve the Borrower of the obligation to assure that payments are made when due.
Debit. The Bank is hereby authorised at any time without notice to the Customer to debit any of the Customer’s accounts with the Bank in respect of the Bank’s charges and all other monies due and payable hereunder and under the other documents creating security for the Facility.
Debit. The Bank is hereby authorised at any time without notice by notice in writing to the Assignor and/or the Borrower to debit any of the Borrower's account with the Bank in respect of interest, commission, charges, fees, normal bank charges and all other monies due and payable hereunder as well as debit the recovery fees and other amounts and sums of money payable by the Assignor and/or the Borrower. No such debiting shall be deemed to be a payment of the amount due (except to the extent of any amount available in any of the Borrower's current account) or a waiver of any event of default under any agreement relating to the Facility. If such debiting causes any of the Borrower's account to be overdrawn, interest shall be charged accordingly.
Debit. We reserve the right to refuse to pay a regular (automatic) debit, for example, if your account has insufficient funds to cover such transfer or if we are unable to verify the ownership of or other information about the account to which the funds will be transferred. You may call us at 1-800-446-6307, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to request information about a refusal by us to pay a regular (automatic) debit.
Debit. Refers to the amount of information (data) transmitted, per unit of time, and is usually expressed in megabits per second (Mbps).
Debit. ASIAN CHECKOUT is hereby authorized and entitled to debit the Merchant’s Account for TDR, charges, chargeback, penalties levied by Payment Method Provider and refund to Customers payable by Merchant to ASIAN CHECKOUT in terms of this Merchant Contract (in short as “Deductions”). The said payments shall not be dependent upon or conditional to Merchant obtaining payment whether through Asian Checkout/Nodal Bank or otherwise from Customers in respect of the Products and/or irrespective of whether Merchant complies with the Order placed by Customer with Merchant. Merchant agrees and undertakes to execute all authorizations and writings as may be required in this regard by Asian Checkout from time to time and shall ensure that there are sufficient funds in the Merchant’s Account at all times. Asian Checkout shall also debit the amounts erroneously paid in excess to the Merchant.
Debit. Borrower authorizes Bank to collect all interest and fees due under the Line of Credit by charging Borrower’s deposit account number 4100055821 with Bank, or any other deposit account maintained by Borrower with Bank, for the full amount thereof. Should there be insufficient funds in any such deposit account to pay all such sums when due, the full amount of such deficiency shall be immediately due and payable by Borrower.
Debit. Any transaction fees, annual fees, technical fees, and fees for trainings and events (as far as trading participants are concerned) which fall due according to this List of Services and Prices of EEX AG will be debited by clearing with the respective Clearing Member of the respective trading participant.
Debit. The Assignee is hereby authorised at any time without notice to the Assignor to debit any of the Assignor’s accounts with the Assignee in respect of the Assignee’s charges and all other moneys due and payable hereunder and under the other documents creating security for the Indebtedness.