Customs and Excise Sample Clauses

Customs and Excise. It is envisaged that the VAT regime adopted will be that currently applicable to the host partner.
Customs and Excise. 33.6 No Group Company has received any notice from any revenue authority, including the Inland Revenue, which required or will or may require a Group Company to withhold Tax from any payment made since the Accounts Date or which will or may be made after the date of this agreement.
Customs and Excise. (b) any plant in the Premises comprising boilers connected piping and radiators hot water storage vessels and motors and pumps associated with boiler plant and any other plant which the Landlord may reasonably require to be included against the risks of breakdown accidental damage explosion or collapse as may be appropriate to the class of plant and such other risks as the Landlord or the Tenant may from time to time reasonably decide to insure against and for such sum as the Landlord shall from time to time reasonably consider sufficient (subject to normal excesses) such insurance to provide for periodical inspection to be arranged by the insurers
Customs and Excise. 29.2 There are no disputes or disagreements which may in aggregate give rise to a liability to any member of the Group in excess of L20,000 outstanding nor are any contemplated at the date of this agreement with any revenue authority, including (but without limitation) the Inland Revenue and H.M. Customs and Excise, regarding liability or potential liability to any tax or duty (including in each case penalties or interest) recoverable from any member of the Group or regarding the availability of any relief from tax or duty to any member of the Group and there are no circumstances which make it likely that any such disputes or disagreements will commence.
Customs and Excise. 1. Each Contracting Party shall exempt the designated airline of the other Contracting Party from import restrictions, customs charges, duties and other payments in respect of aircraft, fuel, lubricating oils, consumable technical supplies, spare parts including engines, regular aircraft equipment, ground equipment, aircraft stores and other items intended for use or used solely in connection with the operation or servicing of aircraft of the designated airline of such other Contracting Party operating the agreed services, as well as printed ticket stock, airway bills, any printed material which bears the insignia of the company printed thereon and usual publicity material distributed without charge by that designated airline.
Customs and Excise. 11.4 The Vendor shall on the Completion Date deliver to the Purchaser all records referred to in section 49(1) of the Value Added Tax Act 1994 and shall not make any request to H.M. Customs and Excise for such records to be retained by the Vendor and the Purchaser hereby undertakes to preserve such records for such periods as may be required by law and shall during that period afford reasonable access to them at the request of the Vendor.
Customs and Excise. 1.2 Reference in this Schedule to the result of any Event on or before the Completion Date includes the combined result of any two or more Events the first of which took place on or before the Completion Date provided that any Event(s) which take place before Completion occur outside the ordinary course of business of the Company as carried on at Completion and the Event(s) after Completion occur inside the ordinary course of business of the Company as carried on at Completion.
Customs and Excise. 5.2 Each request shall be received by the Bank no later than 10.00 a.m. on the second Banking Day before the proposed date of issuance of the relevant undertaking.
Customs and Excise. Article 10
Customs and Excise. Management of the day-to-day relationship with Customs and Excise representatives on the Premises will be the responsibility of Terra, and Terra shall have the responsibility of notifying the Company in good time, of any duty or tax payable by the Company to Customs and Excise in respect of the Company's products on the Premises. The Company acknowledges that duty is payable by the Company to Terra within a week of being invoiced at the end of the month if the products which are removed from the Terra bonded warehouse are not traveling under bond.