Definition of Potential Liability

Potential Liability means a liability to or claim for Tax which may result in a claim against the Sellers under this Schedule, or which may do so if paragraph 3 of this Schedule were not to apply;

Examples of Potential Liability in a sentence

In addition, the company received a Notice of Potential Liability and Request to Perform RI/FS dated June 30, 2000, from USEPA.
Notice of Potential Liability letter for the Big West Oil Refinery.
Cusano, Speech, When "Green" Turns to "Red" and LEEDs to a Summons and Complaint: Potential Liability on Green Projects, 2009 FORUM ON THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY (copy of presentation paper on file with the American Bar Association Forum on the Construction Industry).
Myers, Potential Liability under the Illinois Electronic Commerce Security Act: Is it a Risk Worth Taking?, 17 J.
The Settlement Is Not Fair or Reasonable under the UCFA, nor is it Within the Ballpark of NASSCO's or the Port's Potential Liability under the CCP 17 1.