Contract Distribution Sample Clauses

Contract Distribution. The Employer will provide all current and new employees with a link to the new Agreement. Each department or unit will maintain a paper copy of the contract accessible to all employees.
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Contract Distribution. The Employer shall provide a link to this agreement to each nurse in the bargaining unit.
Contract Distribution. 55.1 Contract Distribution Prior to posting on the Labor Relations website, the University will submit to the Union the electronic version of the collective bargaining agreement between the University of Washington and the SEIU Local 925.
Contract Distribution. As a means of informing all employees as to their rights, privileges, and obligations under this Contract, the Company agrees to furnish a copy of this Contract to each employee.
Contract Distribution. The negotiated contract between AFSCME, Local 1184 and M-DCPS shall be distributed to all members of the bargaining unit, production and costs to be borne by the Employer.
Contract Distribution. Within thirty (30) days of ratification of this Agreement, the Board shall have sufficient copies of the Agreement prepared and delivered to the Association for its distribution to each employee in the District. The cost of materials of reproduction shall be borne equally by the parties.
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Contract Distribution. The District will reproduce and deliver to the Association, a sufficient number of copies of the agreement for distribution to unit members.
Contract Distribution. The Union will distribute one (1) copy of this Agreement to each new and current employee in the unit. The Union and the Employer will share printing the Agreement and related costs on a pro-rated basis, in order to provide for distribution to all bargaining unit members and management.
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