COMMON Sample Clauses

COMMON. CARRIER means any licensed land, water or air conveyance operated by those whose occupation or business is transportation of persons or things without discrimination for hire. Common Carrier is extended to include any Airline having a Charter Air Carrier’s License or its equivalent, provided it maintains regularly scheduled flights and publishes timetables and fares consistent with Scheduled Airline practices and provided the aircraft is limited to fixed-wing turbo-prop or jet Aircraft. Rafts, amusement park rides, jet skis, balloons, ski lifts and hang-gliders are not considered to be a Common Carrier. COVERED TRIP means travel on a Common Carrier, the fare for which at least 75% has been charged to Your Account and/or using Your Aeroplan points. DEPENDENT CHILD(XXX) means those children residing with the Account Holder, under the age of twenty-two (22) and unmarried, who are primarily dependent upon the Account Holder for maintenance and support. Dependent Children also means children beyond the age of twenty-two (22) and unmarried, who are permanently, mentally and physically challenged and incapable of self-support. Also included in the definition of Dependent Children are the Account Holder’s Dependent Children under the age of twenty-six (26) and unmarried, who are classified as full-time students at an institution of higher learning. INSURED PERSON means the Account Holder, as well as the Account Holder’s Spouse and Dependent Children whose name is on a Common Carrier ticket.
COMMON. CARRIER RATES: Rates offered by Carrier under its common authority in individual or bureau tariffs do not apply to shipments tendered to Carrier by Shipper under this agreement.
COMMON. CARRIER CLAIMS. All claims by or to common carriers in connection with Products will be the responsibility of Buyer, except to the extent any such claim by a common carrier is the proximate result of the negligence, gross negligence or intentional misconduct of, or breach of this Supply Agreement by, Supplier.
COMMON. PORTIONS Shall mean the common areas and installations in the building and the premises, which are mentioned, described, enumerated, and provided in the THIRD SCHEDULE hereunder written. 14 COMMON PURPOSES Shall include the purpose of maintaining and managing the Premises, the Building and in particular the common portions, rendition of services in common to the Unit/Flat, collection and disbursement of the common expenses and dealing with the matters of common interest of the Unit/Flat owners and occupiers relating to their mutual rights and obligations for beneficial use and enjoyment of their respective Unit/s/Flat/s exclusively and the common portions commonly.
COMMON. 2.01 This Agreement applies to and is binding on the Institute, the employees and the Employer.
COMMON. 6.01 All the functions, rights, powers, and authority which the Employer has not specifically abridged, delegated or modified by this Agreement are recognized by the Institute as being retained by the Employer.