Lift Sample Clauses

Lift. 6.1 If the building of which the rented object forms part includes a lift, the tenant, his household members, and visitors will carefully comply with all instructions given, or to be given, by or on behalf of the Host, the lift installer or the government.
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Lift. Reputed make Lift.
Lift. 1 or 2 Nos. 5 passenger lift of reputed make in each block as per requirement.
Lift. 12. Lift Machine Room
Lift. Two passengers’ elevator and One Service Elevator of reputed make in each Tower. SCHEDULE 'E' (COMMON AREAS, AMENITIES & FACILITIES) (FOR THE PROJECT)
Lift. 14.1 3 Nos per tower – standard quality NOTE: The specifications mentioned herein above may undergo some changes according to the prevailing market scenario.
Lift. 2 lifts of standard make in each Tower of the Project – One 10 pax and other 15 pax.
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Lift a. 1 No. of 8 passenger lift with automatic door b. 1 No. of 13 passenger stretcher lift with automatic door.
Lift. Core and Shell will have 1 Freight elevator in operation for moving personnel to all floors. If materials & equipment must be moved TI contractor will need to use Freight elevator during non- working hours only Mon-Fri 3:30pm-6:00pm & coordinated on weekend. Freight capacity is 5000lb & any loads must be spread in accordance with elevator requirements to prevent damage. TI contractor will be responsible for operator costs during non-working hours. TI contractor may elect to rent elevator for dedicated passenger usage only (no materials/equipment), monthly charges for temporary elevators usage and protection will apply.
Lift. Over the R.C.C. roof only net cement finish.
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