Clubs Sample Clauses

Clubs. The Company shall make payments on the Executive’s behalf in respect of the annual membership subscription of two clubs or such similar two clubs as the Executive shall nominate each year, to be approved by the Company through the Group Managing Director, Human Resources.
Clubs. Corporation shall pay all initiation fees and dues charged by Glenmoor Country Club and for such additional organizations, if any, as shall be approved by the Chief Executive Officer or the Chairman of the Compensation Committee of Corporation.
Clubs. The Company shall reimburse Employee for the cost and expenses (including initiation fees, assessments and annual dues) of such social clubs and business clubs as Employee determines, in his good faith opinion, to be helpful or appropriate to the performance of his duties.
Clubs. The Company will reimburse the Executive, upon presentation of proper expense statements, for all reasonable initiation fees and periodic dues for memberships in golf, country, or social clubs of the Executive's choice.
Clubs. There shall be 30 Major League Clubs, which agree hereby to act at all times in the best interests of Baseball. The Clubs shall be organized into two Leagues, the American League and the National League, with three divisions in each League, as follows: American League National League East East Baltimore Orioles Atlanta Braves Boston Red Sox Florida Marlins New York Yankees New York Mets Tampa Bay Rays Philadelphia Phillies Toronto Blue Jays Washington Nationals Central Central‌‌ Chicago White Sox Chicago Cubs Cleveland Indians Cincinnati Reds Detroit Tigers Houston Astros Kansas City Royals Milwaukee Brewers Minnesota Twins Pittsburgh Pirates St. Louis Cardinals West West Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Arizona Diamondbacks Oakland Athletics Colorado Rockies Seattle Mariners Los Angeles Dodgers Texas Rangers San Diego Padres San Francisco Giants
Clubs. Extra Curricular Activities will be advertised, posted, and screened via usual district job vacancy procedures .
Clubs. 6.1 Clubs must hold their Annual Meeting and shall forward to O&M within 30 days of their Annual Meeting:
Clubs. At West Branch JSH, students can be actively involved in many ways. Besides academic work and interscholastic sports activities, there are a number of organized clubs that students can join. We would encourage yoStudents will be encouraged and required to choose a club(s) to attend during monthly activity days. u to consider these clubs and join one or more of them to help make your high school experience more enjoyable. Students will not be required to attend any club related functions outside of activity day. Parents or guardians can decline permission for their student(s) to belong to any club(s). Exemption can be completed by the parent or guardian by indicating it in writing to the high school principal.
Clubs. The Company will reimburse the Executive, upon presentation of proper expense statements, for all reasonable initiation fees and periodic dues for a membership in one golf club, country club, or social club of the Executive's choice.
Clubs. The Company shall maintain memberships in two country clubs as designated by the Executive during the Period of Employment and during any period in which severance is paid.