Clearinghouse Sample Clauses

Clearinghouse. COMPANY authorizes and retains BUSINESS ASSOCIATE to provide services on COMPANY’S behalf as a Health Care Clearinghouse for all services utilized by COMPANY including but not limited to iLinkBlue, SSIClick On”, ACTS and Translation services.
Clearinghouse. Borrower shall clear all insurance charges with SSI Group, a Mobile, Alabama clearinghouse, or, in the alternative, shall direct its current clearinghouse to provide all data relating to Borrower’s Accounts to SSI Group.
Clearinghouse. 3.1 Trading Partner itself, or through a business associate acting on Trading Partner’s behalf, may arrange for Clearinghouse services to translate the Transactions within the meaning of the HIPAA Transactions Rule 45 CFR §162.900 et seq.
Clearinghouse. 2.1 Data Center The NeuStar OSS Clearinghouse is hosted in the NeuStar Data Center, which provides hosting for mission-critical services to the telecommunications industry. The Data Center is responsible for operating and maintaining network equipments and servers for the NeuStar OSS Clearinghouse. It operates a Network Operations Center (NOC) that provides network monitoring and customer support on a 24x7 basis.
Clearinghouse. (g) Seller shall, not earlier than the time of procurement of all regulatory approvals required for consummation of the transaction contemplated by this Agreement nor later than twenty days prior to the Closing Date, notify all depositors of the Branch Office by letter acceptable to Purchaser, produced in, if appropriate, several similar, but different forms calculated to provide necessary and specific information to the owners of particular types of accounts and/or loans, of Purchaser's pending assumption of the Transferred Accounts, and, in appropriate instances, notify depositors that on and after the Closing Date certain Seller deposit-related services and/or Seller's debit card and automatic teller machine services, will be terminated. The expenses of the printing, processing and mailing of such letter notices shall be borne by Seller. Anything to the contrary herein notwithstanding, nothing in this Agreement shall be deemed to constitute an assumption by Seller of the duties and obligations of Purchaser with respect to the provision of applicable notices, communications, and filings relating to changes in the terms of any Transferred Accounts as set forth in this Agreement.
Clearinghouse. The term ‘‘clearing- house’’ means the clearinghouse established under subsection (a).

Related to Clearinghouse

  • Cash Management Services Funds received by Transfer Agent in the course of performing its services hereunder will be held in demand deposit bank accounts or money market fund accounts in the name of Transfer Agent (or its nominee) as agent for the Funds.

  • Overdrafts The Trust is responsible for maintaining an appropriate level of short term cash investments to accommodate cash outflows. The Trust may obtain a formal line of credit for potential overdrafts of its custody account. In the event of an overdraft or in the event the line of credit is insufficient to cover an overdraft, the overdraft amount or the overdraft amount that exceeds the line of credit will be charged in accordance with the fee schedule set forth on Exhibit C hereto (as amended from time to time)

  • Electronic Funds Transfer Contractor agrees to enroll in Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), offered by the State’s Chief Financial Officer within thirty (30) days of the date the last Party has signed this Contract. Copies of the Authorization form and a sample blank enrollment letter can be found on the vendor instruction page at: xxxx:// Questions should be directed to the EFT Section at (000) 000-0000. Once enrolled, invoice payments will be made by EFT.