Claims definition

Claims means all actions, suits, claims, demands, investigations and proceedings of any kind, open, pending or threatened, whether mature, unmatured, contingent, known or unknown, at law or in equity, in any forum.
Claims means all third party claims or actions, threatened or filed and, whether groundless, false, fraudulent or otherwise, that directly or indirectly relate to the subject matter of an indemnity, and the resulting losses, damages, expenses, attorneys’ fees and court costs, whether incurred by settlement or otherwise, and whether such claims or actions are threatened or filed before or after the termination of this Agreement.
Claims means any and all property taxes and other taxes, assessments and special assessments, levies, fees and all governmental charges imposed upon or assessed against, and all claims (including, without limitation, landlords’, carriers’, mechanics’, workmen’s, repairmen’s, laborers’, materialmen’s, suppliers’ and warehousemen’s Liens and other claims arising by operation of law) against, all or any portion of the Collateral.

Examples of Claims in a sentence

The Payment Bond shall remain in effect until Acceptance of the Work and all Claims of Contractor and the Subcontractors, of any Tier, have been fully and finally resolved.

An Unresolved Claims Reserve may be reduced by the Monitor from time to time to the extent the amount of such Unresolved Claims Reserve exceeds the maximum amounts distributable or payable for remaining Unresolved Affected Unsecured Claims, or Unresolved Priority Claims in respect of the applicable Debtor Group.

In accordance with paragraph 6 of the Claims Procedure Order (General) and paragraph 7 of the Claims Procedure Order (E&R), any Claim in a currency other than Canadian dollars is to be converted to Canadian dollars, and any such amount shall be regarded as having been converted at the noon spot rate of exchange quoted by the Bank of Canada for exchanging such currency to Canadian dollars as at the Filing Date, which rate in the case of United States dollars is US$1:Cdn$1.3241.

Refer to the Electronic Claims Capture and Adjudication section of the manual for additional information.

As a general rule, preauthorization requirements do not apply to emergency department and inpatient services.The False Claims Act (FCA) protects the government from being overcharged or sold substandard goods or services.

More Definitions of Claims

Claims means any and all administrative, regulatory or judicial actions, suits, petitions, appeals, demands, demand letters, claims, liens, notices of noncompliance or violation, investigations, proceedings, consent orders or consent agreements.
Claims means any and all obligations, liabilities, losses, actions, suits, judgments, penalties, fines, claims, demands, settlements, costs and expenses (including, without limitation, reasonable legal fees and expenses) of any nature whatsoever.
Claims means all Third Party demands, claims, actions, proceedings and liability (whether criminal or civil, in contract, tort or otherwise) for losses, damages, reasonable legal costs and other reasonable expenses of any nature.
Claims means all liabilities, claims and expenses (including reasonable legal and other professional fees and expenses).
Claims means any Proceedings, Judgments, Obligations, threats, losses, damages, deficiencies, settlements, assessments, charges, costs and expenses of any nature or kind.
Claims means all claims, liabilities, obligations, losses, damages, penalties, judgments, proceedings, interests, costs and expenses of any kind (including remedial response costs, reasonable attorneys’ fees) at any time (including after Full Payment of the Obligations, resignation or replacement of the Administrative Agent or replacement of any Lender) incurred by any Indemnitee or asserted against any Indemnitee by any Loan Party or other Person, in any way relating to (a) any Revolver Loans, Letters of Credit, Loan Documents, or the use thereof or transactions relating thereto, (b) any action taken or omitted to be taken by an Indemnitee in connection with any Loan Documents, (c) the existence or perfection of any Liens, or realization upon any Collateral, (d) exercise of any rights or remedies under any Loan Documents or Applicable Law, or (e) failure by any Loan Party to perform or observe any terms of any Loan Document, in each case including all costs and expenses relating to any investigation, litigation, arbitration or other proceeding (including an Insolvency Proceeding or appellate proceedings), whether or not the applicable Indemnitee is a party thereto.
Claims means all theories of recovery of whatever nature, whether known or unknown, recognized by the law or equity of any jurisdiction. It includes but is not limited to any and all actions, causes of action, lawsuits, claims, complaints, petitions, charges, demands, liabilities, indebtedness, losses, damages, rights and judgments in which you have had or may have an interest. It also includes but is not limited to any claim for wages, benefits or other compensation; provided, however that nothing in this Release will affect your entitlement to benefits pursuant to the terms of any employee benefit plan (as defined in the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, as amended) sponsored by the Company in which you are a participant. The term Claims also includes but is not limited to claims asserted by you or on your behalf by some other person, entity or government agency.