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Electoral roll. It is your responsibility to register to vote in elections whilst living in Canterbury. This can be done on-line here xxx.xxx.xx/xxxxxxxx-xx-xxxx. The University urges you to do this as this enhances your personal credit rating and funding for many local authority services is calculated using the numbers of students registered on the electoral roll.
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  • Behavioral Health Behavioral health services, with the exception of Medicaid Rehabilitation Option (MRO) and 1915(i) services, are a covered benefit under the Hoosier Healthwise program. The Contractor shall be responsible for managing and reimbursing all such services in accordance with the requirements in this section. In furnishing behavioral health benefits, including any applicable utilization restrictions, the Contractor shall comply with the Mental Health Parity and Additions Equity Act (MHPAEA). This includes, but is not limited to:  Ensuring medical management techniques applied to mental health or substance use disorder benefits are comparable to and applied no more stringently than the medical management techniques that are applied to medical and surgical benefits.  Ensuring compliance with MHPAEA for any benefits offered by the Contractor to members beyond those otherwise specified in this Scope of Work.  Making the criteria for medical necessity determinations for mental health or substance use disorder benefits available to any current or potential members, or contracting provider upon request.  Providing the reason for any denial of reimbursement or payment with respect to mental health or substance use disorder benefits to members.  Providing out-of-network coverage for mental health or substance use disorder benefits when made available for medical and surgical benefits. The Contractor shall assure that behavioral health services are integrated with physical care services, and that behavioral health services are provided as part of the treatment continuum of care. The Contractor shall develop protocols to:  Provide care that addresses the needs of members in an integrated way, with attention to the physical health and chronic disease contributions to behavioral health;  Provide a written plan and evidence of ongoing, increased communication between the PMP, the Contractor and the behavioral health care provider; and  Coordinate management of utilization of behavioral health care services with MRO and 1915(i) services and services for physical health.

  • Medicaid Enrollment Treatment Grantees shall enroll as a provider with Texas Medicaid and Healthcare Partnership (TMHP) and all Medicaid Managed Care organizations in Grantee’s service region within the first quarter of this procurement term and maintain through the procurement term.

  • Nondiscrimination and Equal Opportunity Consultant shall not discriminate, on the basis of a person’s race, religion, color, national origin, age, physical or mental handicap or disability, medical condition, marital status, sex, or sexual orientation, against any employee, applicant for employment, subcontractor, bidder for a subcontract, or participant in, recipient of, or applicant for any services or programs provided by Consultant under this Agreement. Consultant shall comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws, policies, rules, and requirements related to equal opportunity and nondiscrimination in employment, contracting, and the provision of any services that are the subject of this Agreement, including but not limited to the satisfaction of any positive obligations required of Consultant thereby. Consultant shall include the provisions of this Subsection in any subcontract approved by the City or this Agreement.

  • Population The Population shall be defined as all Paid Claims during the 12-month period covered by the Claims Review.

  • Non-Discrimination and Equal Opportunity All Parties to this MOU certify that they prohibit, and will continue to prohibit, discrimination, and they certify that no person, otherwise qualified, is denied employment, services, or other benefits on the basis of: (i) political or religious opinion or affiliation, marital status, sexual orientation, gender, gender identification and/or expression, race, color, creed, or national origin; (ii) sex or age, except when age or sex constitutes a bona fide occupational qualification; or (iii) the physical or mental disability of a qualified individual with a disability. The Parties specifically agree that they will comply with Section 188 of the WIOA Nondiscrimination and Equal Opportunity Regulations (29 CFR Part 38; Final Rule December 2, 2016), the Americans with Disabilities Act (42 U.S.C. 12101 et seq.), the Non-traditional Employment for Women Act of 1991, titles VI and VII of the Civil Rights of 1964, as amended, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, the Age Discrimination Act of 1967, as amended, title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, as amended, and with all applicable requirements imposed by or pursuant to regulations implementing those laws, including but not limited to 29 CFR Part 37 and 38.

  • Supplier Diversity Seller shall comply with Xxxxx’s Supplier Diversity Program in accordance with Appendix V.

  • Texas Education Code Chapter 22 Contractor Certification for Contractor Employees Introduction Texas Education Code Chapter 22 requires entities that contract with school districts to provide service s to obtain criminal history record information regarding covered employees. Contractors must certify to the district t hat they have complied. Covered employees with disqualifying criminal histories are prohibited from serving at a sch ool district. Definitions: Covered employees: Employees of a contractor or subcontractor who have or will have continuing dutie s related to the service to be performed at the District and have or will have direct contact with students. The District will be the final arbiter of what constitutes direct contact with students. Disqualifying criminal history: Any conviction or other criminal history information designated by the District, or one of the following offenses, if at the time of the o ffense, the victim was under 18 or enrolled in a public school: (a) a felony offense under Title 5, Texas Penal Code; (b) an offense for which a defendant is required to register as a sex offender under Chapter 62, Texas Code of Criminal Procedure; or (c) an equivalent offense under federal law or the laws of another state. I certify that: NONE (Section A) of the employees of Contractor and any subcontractors are covered employees, as defined abo ve. If this box is checked, I further certify that Contractor has taken precautions or imposed conditions to ensure tha t the employees of Contractor and any subcontractor will not become covered employees. Contractor will maintain t hese precautions or conditions throughout the time the contracted services are provided. OR SOME (Section B) or all of the employees of Contractor and any subcontractor are covered employees. If this box is checked, I further certify that: (1) Contractor has obtained all required criminal history record information regarding its covered employees. None of the covered employees has a disqualifying criminal history. (2) If Contractor receives information that a covered employee subsequently has a reported criminal history, Contra ctor will immediately remove the covered employee from contract duties and notify the District in writing within 3 busi ness days. (3) Upon request, Contractor will provide the District with the name and any other requested information of covered employees so that the District may obtain criminal history record information on the covered employees. (4) If the District objects to the assignment of a covered employee on the basis of the covered employee's criminal h istory record information, Contractor agrees to discontinue using that covered employee to provide services at the District. Noncompliance or misrepresentation regarding this certification may be grounds for contract termination. None Texas Business and Commerce Code § 272 Requirements as of 9-1-2017 SB 807 prohibits construction contracts to have provisions requiring the contract to be subject to the laws of anothe r state, to be required to litigate the contract in another state, or to require arbitration in another state. A contract wit h such provisions is voidable. Under this new statute, a “construction contract” includes contracts, subcontracts, or agreements with (among others) architects, engineers, contractors, construction managers, equipment lessors, or materials suppliers. “Construction contracts” are for the design, construction, alteration, renovation, remodeling, or repair of any building or improvement to real property, or for furnishing materials or equipment for the project. The t erm also includes moving, demolition, or excavation. BY RESPONDING TO THIS SOLICITATION, AND WHEN APPLI CABLE, THE PROPOSER AGREES TO COMPLY WITH THE TEXAS BUSINESS AND COMMERCE CODE § 272 WH EN EXECUTING CONTRACTS WITH TIPS MEMBERS THAT ARE TEXAS GOVERNMENT ENTITIES. 7 5 Texas Government Code 2270 Verification Form Texas Government Code 2270 Verification Form Texas 2017 House Xxxx 89 has been signed into law by the governor and as of September 1, 2017 will be codified as Texas Government Code § 2270 and 808 et seq. The relevant section addressed by this form reads as follows: Texas Government Code Sec. 2270.002. PROVISION REQUIRED IN CONTRACT. A governmental entity may not ent er into a contract with a company for goods or services unless the contract contains a written verification from the c ompany that it: (1) does not boycott Israel; and (2) will not boycott Israel during the term of the contract.engaged by ESC Region 8/The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS) 0000 Xxxxxxx 000 Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxx,XX,00000 verify by this writing that the above-named company affirms that it (1) does not boycott Israel; and (2) will not boycot t Israel during the term of this contract, or any contract with the above-named Texas governmental entity in the futur e. I further affirm that if our company’s position on this issue is reversed and this affirmation is no longer valid, that t he above-named Texas governmental entity will be notified in writing within one (1) business day and we understand that our company’s failure to affirm and comply with the requirements of Texas Government Code 2270 et seq. shall be grounds for immediate contract termination without penalty to the above-named Texas governmental entity. AND our company is not listed on and we do not do business with companies that are on the the Texas Comptroller of Pu blic Accounts list of Designated Foreign Terrorists Organizations per Texas Gov't Code 2270.0153 found at xxxxx://x xxxxxxxxxx.xxxxx.xxx/xxxxxxxxxx/xxxx/xxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxx.xxx I swear and affirm that the above is true and correct. YES

  • Time Limits to Present Initial Grievance An employee who wishes to present a grievance at Step 2 of the grievance procedure, in the manner prescribed in Article 9.4, must do so not later than thirty (30) days after the date:

  • Behavioral Health Services Behavioral health services include the evaluation, management, and treatment for a mental health or substance use disorder condition. For the purpose of this plan, substance use disorder does not include addiction to or abuse of tobacco and/or caffeine. Mental health or substance use disorders are those that are listed in the most updated volume of either: • the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) published by the American Psychiatric Association; or • the International Classification of Disease Manual (ICD) published by the World Health Organization. This plan provides parity in benefits for behavioral healthcare services. Please see Section 10 for additional information regarding behavioral healthcare parity. Inpatient This plan covers behavioral health services if you are inpatient at a general or specialty hospital. See Inpatient Services in Section 3 for additional information. Residential Treatment Facility This plan covers services at behavioral health residential treatment facilities, which provide: • clinical treatment; • medication evaluation management; and • 24-hour on site availability of health professional staff, as required by licensing regulations. Intermediate Care Services This plan covers intermediate care services, which are facility-based programs that are: • more intensive than traditional outpatient services; • less intensive than 24-hour inpatient hospital or residential treatment facility services; and • used as a step down from a higher level of care; or • used a step-up from standard care level of care. Intermediate care services include the following: • Partial Hospital Program (PHP) – PHPs are structured and medically supervised day, evening, or nighttime treatment programs providing individualized treatment plans. A PHP typically runs for five hours a day, five days per week. • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) – An IOP provides substantial clinical support for patients who are either in transition from a higher level of care or at risk for admission to a higher level of care. An IOP typically runs for three hours per day, three days per week.

  • Product Safety Seller must maintain the state of the product so that it is able to perform to its designed or intended purpose without causing unacceptable risk of harm to a person or damage to property.

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