Day of Month definition

Day of Month means the actual number of days since the start of the relevant month; “Days in Month” means the number of days in the relevant month;
Day of Month means the actual number of days since the start of the relevant month; "Days in Month" means the number of days in the relevant month;

Examples of Day of Month in a sentence

  • On or prior to 15th Calendar Day of Month Two The Company sends a foreclosure referral letter to the Special Servicer's foreclosure counsel with a corresponding foreclosure package.

  • On or before the 6th Business Day of Month Three In accordance with the Servicing Transfer Instructions, Special Service reimburses Company for all outstanding advances, and the scheduled mortgage payment due on the Effective Date.

  • Day of Month: Locate the day of the month, and begin recording on the corresponding line.

  • Terminal Operator and Shipper and Other Shippers shall discuss in good faith, with the aim of agreeing, before the last Day of Month M, the scheduling of Subscribed Additional Berthing Rights for Month M+2.

  • In case the proposed RTBS does not meet the requirements mentioned above in this AC by the 19th Day of Month M, and Terminal Operator does not approve such proposed RTBS by the 20th Day of Month M, Terminal Operator shall apply the Default Allocation Procedure for Transshipment Berthing Rights , set out in AC for determining the schedule of the Transshipment Berthing Rights for the Months M+2 and/or the number of Transshipment Berthing Rights each Transshipper is entitled to in Month M+3.

  • Slow decision making by the participating governments and respective implementing agencies to agree on consistent implementation arrangements (e.g. testing of new methodologies for detection and repression of illegal trade) may delay preparation and implementation.

  • At the latest on the tenth (10th) Working Day of Month M+1, GRTgaz shall notify the Shipper via the IT system of the values of the Daily Quantities Taken Off, Delivered and Transmitted that will be used for billing purposes, by means of the publication of a definitive quantity statement for Month M.

  • Executed on this the day of , 20 .(Day of Month) (Month) (Year) (Signature)‌ Instruction for Organization:Sign and attach the following pages after adopted by the Board of Directors/Trustees or other governing body OR replace the following with the current adopted conflict of interest policy.

  • Remote or Manual Reading.* 7 All Unmetered Usage calculated Monthly Scheduled Day of Month Usage calculation will be provided within two (2) Business Days of the Read date.

  • For each Customer which is a Shipper User and for each Month M, the Shipper Monthly Charging Share is calculated as: ASPM / ∑ ASPM where ASPM is the aggregate number of the Supply Points for which the Shipper User is Registered User as at the 1st Day of Month M; and ∑ is the sum over all Shipper Users.

Related to Day of Month

  • Month means calendar month.

  • Calendar Month means any of the twelve (12) months of the Calendar Year.

  • Twelve-Month Period means a twelve-month period ending on the first anniversary of the Effective Date or on each subsequent anniversary thereof.

  • months shall be construed in accordance with Clause 1.3;

  • Calendar Quarter means the respective periods of three consecutive calendar months ending on March 31, June 30, September 30 and December 31.

  • Week means seven consecutive days.

  • Calendar Week means any period of seven days starting with the same day as the first day of the First Assignment;

  • Forecast Period means the period of three calendar months for which a Forecast is provided;

  • Applicable Anniversary of the Commencement Date means the fifth (5th) anniversary of the Commencement Date.

  • Operating Month means any month in which Carrier transports Crude Petroleum. For purpose hereof, the month shall be deemed to begin on the first day of such month at 0000 hours until the first day of the succeeding month at 0000 hours (Central Standard or Central Daylight Savings time in Sugar Land, TX, whichever is in effect of the date specified).

  • Day means calendar day.

  • Curtailment Period means a time period for which Seller is requested by CAISO or a Transmission Provider to curtail its Power Product for Force Majeure or otherwise.

  • Settlement Period has the meaning specified therefor in Section 2.02(d)(i) hereof.

  • Cost of Sales means any costs incurred of the type included in the “Cost of sales (excluding depreciation expense)” line item in the consolidated statement of operations of the Partnership prepared in accordance with GAAP, as presently applied.

  • Maximum Weekly Starts means the maximum number of times that a generating unit can be started in one week, defined as the 168 hour period starting Monday 0001 hour, under normal operating conditions. Member:

  • Period means a day, week, 1 month, or other subdivision of a year.

  • Working Day means a day (other than a Saturday or Sunday) on which banks are open for general business in the City of London.

  • Index year means the earliest calendar year in which the

  • Per day means per calendar day or part thereof.

  • First Period The period of the Contract Term specified in Section 3.1.

  • Calendar means discrete temporal reference system that provides the basis for defining temporal position to a resolution of one day;

  • Contract Year means each period of twelve (12) consecutive months during the Initial Term of this Agreement, with the first Contract Year commencing on the Effective Date, and with each subsequent Contract Year commencing on the anniversary of the Effective Date.

  • Billing Month is defined in Section 9.1(b).

  • Averaging Date means each date specified as an Averaging Date in the relevant Final Terms or, if such date is not a Scheduled Trading Day, the immediately succeeding Scheduled Trading Day unless such day is a Disrupted Day in the opinion of the Calculation Agent. If such day is a Disrupted Day, then:

  • Assessment Period means such period as is prescribed in sections 19 to 21 over which income falls to be calculated;

  • A month means a month according to Gregorian calendar.