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CARSON CITY. The Board of Supervisors of Carson City, Nevada, as underlying owner of the Airport, and thus the Lease Parcel, hereby approves and acknowledges the Lease, and the right and authority of the Authority to lease the Lease Parcel to Tenant. Approved by the Board of Supervisors this day of , 2017. ROBERT L. CROWELL, Mayor ATTEST: CITY'S LEGAL COUNSEL Approved as to form. CLERK/RECORDER (or Deputy) DEP. DISTRICT ATTORNEY AIRPORT AUTHORITY COUNSEL Approved as to form STEVEN E. TACKES, ESQ. EXHIBIT A Legal Description
CARSON CITY. Southern Calif. refinery pays $31 million in fines and fees to settle emissions violations lawsuit,” Capitol Reports (Environmental “News Link”), March 23, 2005; and Miguel Bustillo, “In In $184-Million Lawsuit, AQMD Alleges That BP Failed to Fully Inspect Refinery for Leaks,” Los Angeles Times, Jan. 21, 2005. Joliet: Ameet Sachdev, “Upkeep pattern seen in BP woes: Safety, environmental incidents suggest poor systems, critics say,” Chicago Tribune, Aug. 13, 2006 (re: BP Amoco Chemical Company v. Flint Hills Resources, LLC, U.S. District Ct., Northern Dist. Of Illinois, Eastern Division [Case No. 05C 5661]).
CARSON CITY. Karin Kreizenbeck resigned her position as the Nevada State Public Defender. We are currently seeking new applicants to fill this position. We have posted the position on our website, the Nevada State Bar has emailed it to its membership, and other groups like NAPD and NACJ have sent it out to their lists. The application period closes September 2, 2022. DIDS is also in the process of reimagining the functional duties of the State Public Defender. Our vision for the head of the NSPD in the future includes acting as an ambassador -- locally and throughout the state -- building more relationships, educating county management about the opportunities the office can provide, working to expand the duties of the office, and actively recruiting new talent. In other news, one of the Carson City contract conflict attorneys retired and the county opened up the contract for new applicants. There were at least four applicants who were fully qualified to handle all levels of cases, through category A felonies. There were several other candidates who were less qualified. Four county judges wrote a letter to the Board of Supervisors recommending Daniel Spence for the contract. Daniel Spence is not qualified by our office to handle Category A or B felonies. In part, this is due to the fact that Spence does not have sufficient jury trial experience. DIDS wrote a letter to the Board of Supervisors which detailed the qualifications of all of the candidates and explained that if the contract were awarded to Spence, a mentor would have to supervise him on all higher level cases. The Board awarded the contract to Spence, despite there being other, fully qualified candidates available. DIDS intends to monitor the situation throughout the contract period.

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  • Williams William W. Dolan, Trustee Debra Finehout of the Grace Duffey Trust --------------------------- ------------------------------------- Edward A. Berstling Barbara J. Baker --------------------------- ------------------------------------- Nicole A. Longridge H.R. Williams Shareholders signed only as to and limited to Sections 1, 2, 3, 9.2 and 10.7: --------------------------- ------------------------------------- Stephen A. Michael William W. Dolan, Trustee of the Spencer Charles Duffey Irrevocable Trust under Agreement dated the 29th day of July, 1998 --------------------------- ------------------------------------- William W. Dolan William W. Dolan, Trustee of the Elizabeth Charles Duffey Irrevocable Trust under Agreement dated the 29th day of July, 1998 --------------------------- ------------------------------------- Robert T. Roth Scot Lance --------------------------- ------------------------------------- Scott Tannehill Joseph F. Movizzo

  • Phillips Address: Name: Daniel T.

  • Morris Nichols, Arsht & Tunnell LLP, special Delaware counsel to the Bank, the Transferor and the Issuer, shall have furnished to the Underwriters a written opinion, addressed to the Underwriters and dated the Closing Date, in form and substance satisfactory to the Underwriters, substantially to the effect that: