Block Sample Clauses

Block. A piece of logging equipment where steel rope or cable is actively turning the block’s pulley and used as part of a cable logging/yarding system for the specific purposes of establishing tail hold anchor points, intermediate support of main lines, or carriage haul-back capability for the purposes of yarding or hauling of logs to a log landing for transportation to a mill or processing facility.
Block. TOWER shall mean a building consisting of several Apartment Units and other spaces intended for independent or exclusive use.
Block. A block is a maximum time of two single class periods. Such time includes any given student break(s). Core: A core is equivalent in time to two (2), three (3) or more single class periods.
Block. VBC 1,229,453,666 29.85 % 45.32 % 521 1,030,872,091 25.03 % 38.00 % BONAIRE 452,473,000 10.99 % 16.68 % Total Shares 2,712,798,757 65.87 % 100.00 %
Block. A block is an instructional period with a curriculum designed to provide students with at least one year of academic credit in half the number of instructional days (e.g., 4x4 block – a full year class in one semester, A/B block – a full year class that meets every other day for the full year).
Block. ¨ During the term of this Agreement, FV will purchase an annually decreasing share of the total production of the vineyard. From the 2005 harvest, FV will purchase approximately: 65% of the tons of the foregoing varieties (expected to total 614 tons); from the 2006 harvest, 58% (expected to total 587 tons); from the 2007 harvest, 43% (expected to total 553 tons); from the 2008 harvest, 24% (expected to total 273 tons); from the 2009 harvest, 15% (expected to total 176 tons). Prior to 15 February each year during the term of this Agreement, TW will provide FV its reasonable estimate of the vineyard’s total yield in the upcoming harvest, by block. Then, the parties will agree on the tonnage to be made available to FV. TW and FV will then agree on the blocks to be designated as the source of grapes for TW during the upcoming harvest, on or before 1 March of each year during the term of this Agreement. FV may notify TW of the blocks of the vineyard from which it does not wish to receive grapes, provided that the blocks so identified do not account for more than 15% of the total, estimated tonnage yield of the vineyard. TW will then designate, from the remaining blocks, those from which the grapes sold hereunder will be obtained. Notwithstanding the reasonable, professional, good-faith estimates of TW hereunder, it is understood and agreed by FV that the actual, ultimate yield is based on the vagaries of viticulture, weather, and other matters beyond the control of the parties, so the final tonnage resulting from the designated blocks may be more, or fewer, than is estimated by TW. If, for any reason, TW has grapes in excess of its requirements derived from the blocks that are not designated for FV, TW may offer such grapes to FV on the same terms and conditions as are set forth herein, and vice versa. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in the event that FV accepts grapes from any of the excluded blocks, the price therefor shall be reduced by 10%, and the provision in paragraph 4, below, that prices shall not drop below the base price, shall not apply with respect to any such purchases by FV. Initials / Contract Number: TW / FV GRAPE PURCHASE AGREEMENT
Block. A continuous leave of absence in which the entitlement is taken all at one time.
Block. A series of Pairings, Non-Flight Duties, Reserve days and Time Off awards that have been assigned to a CCM in a given monthly period.
Block. An assigned or awarded schedule of flying which may include vacation and/or training.
Block. 2 AURA LIMITED PARTNERSHIP 000, 000 - 0XX XXXXXX XX XXXXXXX, XX X0X 0X0 Status Current Block