Fairness Sample Clauses

Fairness. In deciding to approve the mergers on , 1999, our board of directors decided that the mergers are advisable, fair to you, and in your best interests based on a variety of factors. These factors include: - the form and amount of consideration offered to the partners; - the comparison of the cash payments in the mergers to the diminished future cash distributions otherwise expected as oil and gas production continues to decline; - the elimination after the mergers of limited partners' tax preparation costs relating to partnership tax information; - that Pioneer is offering a competitive price because of: -- the commodity pricing used in determining the merger values;
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Fairness. Station shall seek to afford coverage to contrasting viewpoints concerning controversial issues of public importance.
Fairness. 3.01 The Board and the Union shall exercise their rights under this Agreement fairly and reasonably, in good faith and without discrimination, and in a manner consistent with the provisions of this Agreement.
Fairness. The terms and conditions of the transactions -------- contemplated by this Agreement are fair and reasonable to such party based upon all of the facts and circumstances at the time this Agreement is entered into; and such party has voluntarily entered into the transactions contemplated by this Agreement, without duress or coercion.
Fairness. 1. Should an issue arise with the teacher evaluation policy in which a teacher believes that fundamental fairness has not occurred, they shall have the following rights:
Fairness. Marked by impartiality and honesty. See Agreement, Article XV,
Fairness. (99) The Company agrees that in the exercising of management rights and in the administration of this agreement, it shall do so in a fair and reasonable manner.
Fairness. Marked by impartiality and honesty.
Fairness. The Board agrees that its right to manage will not be exercised in a discriminatory or arbitrary manner.
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