Base Payment Sample Clauses

Base Payment. During the Term, Service Provider will be entitled to receive an annualized base payment (the “Base Payment”) of not less than $300,000. The Base Payment shall be paid equal installations no less often than semi-monthly.
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Base Payment. (a) No later than the day falling thirty (30) days after the Effective Date in respect of the first Semester and no later than the day falling thirty (30) days prior to the start date of each subsequent Semester, the Training Provider shall submit to the Procurer an invoice for the total estimated Base Payment (the Advance Base Payment) for the relevant Semester.
Base Payment. The base payment for each College is the average annual operating cost for that College (The Base Payment). The base payment for each college is as set out below: College Initial Period(2nd Semester of 2016- 17) Academic Year 1 (2017-18) Academic Year 2 (2018-19) Final Period (1st Semester of 2019-20: ) Al-Baha College of Technology SAR 6,915,000 SAR 14,252,000 SAR 14,174,000 SAR 6,915,000 (Note: The contract duration for the initial term will be for a total of six (6) semesters) The Base Payment will be fixed for the Initial Term (subject to inflation in accordance with the US Consumer Price Index starting from the second academic year) and will be payable to the Training Provider in equal instalments in respect of each Semester. The Procurer shall reduce the Base Payment for each College on a proportionate basis for each member of the Personnel Quota who fails to achieve the Training Quota. The above mentioned amounts of base payment include the tax component applicable to Rancho. However, the actual tax component will be reimbursed upon production of receipts issued by the concerned department / ministry of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a cap of SR 1.5 million per year.
Base Payment. Each Settling State will receive a base payment equal to thirty-eight percent (38%) of such Settling State’s Overall Allocation Percentage of the Remediation Payment (the “Base Payment”). The Base Payment shall be made as soon as practicable after the Effective Date.‌
Base Payment. CCCSWA shall pay Provider $449,965.70 annually for the 2012-2015 program years for the collection of the first 750 tons of reusable materials collected during the CCCSWA Reuse and Cleanup Days Program from Single Family Dwelling Units. There will be no Consumer Price Index increase on the Base Payment for the entire of the three- year term.
Base Payment. (1) DSHS shall divide the Base Payment Amount into twelve (12) monthly installments and pay for services provided by the Contractor upon receipt and approval of the agreed upon tracking document.
Base Payment. In consideration for the Company offering occupancy of the Residence to Resident, Resident will make a monthly Base Payment (each a “Base Payment”) to the Company in the amount equal to then applicable Adjusted Base Payment Amount (as defined below).
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Base Payment. At the Closing, Purchaser agrees to pay to Stockholder [*] (the "Base Payment"). [*] of the Base Payment will be paid by wire transfer of immediately available funds (the "Base Cash Payment"). In addition, Purchaser will issue to Stockholder that number of unregistered shares of Purchaser's common stock equal to [*] of the Base Payment divided by the average closing price of the Purchaser's Common Stock for the ten trading days ending four trading days prior to the Closing (the "Base Stock Payment"); provided, however, in no event shall Purchaser be obligated to issue more than [*] shares of its common stock in connection with the Base Stock Payment and provided, further, that the Base Cash Payment shall not be increased as a result of such limitation.
Base Payment. At the Initial Closing, Buyer shall deliver by wire transfer in immediately available funds an amount equal to the amount of the Adjusted Estimated Base Payment. The Adjusted Estimated Base Payment shall equal the Estimated Base Payment less a 15% holdback (the "Holdback").
Base Payment. On the 1st of each month during the term of this Agreement the sum as indicated as “Monthly Rent” in the chart below (the “Base Amount”): Lease Year Annual Rent Monthly Rent 1* $363,950.00 $30,329.17 2 $374,868.50 $31,239.04 3 $386,114.56 $32,176.21 4 $397,697.99 $33,141.50 5 $409,628.93 $34,135.74 6 $421,917.80 $35,159.82 7 $434,575.33 $36,214.61 8 $447,612.59 $37,301.05 9 $461,040.97 $38,420.08 10 $474,872.20 $39,572.68 11 $489,118.37 $40,759.86 12 $503,791.92 $41,982.66 First Extension Term (if exercised) 13 $518,905.67 $43,242.14 14 $534,472.85 $44,539.40 15 $550,507.03 $45,875.59 16 $567,022.24 $47,251.85 17 $584,032.91 $48,669.41 Second Extension Term (if exercised) 18 $601,553.90 $50,129.49 19 $619,600.51 $51,633.38 20 $638,188.53 $53,182.38 21 $657,334.18 $54,777.85 22 $677,054.21 $56,421.18
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