Bargaining Unit Members on Professional Sample Clauses

Bargaining Unit Members on Professional. Development/ Sabbatical Leave shall not be compensated for any work they may perform for the District during the term of their Professional Development/Sabbatical Leave.
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Bargaining Unit Members on Professional. Development/ Sabbatical Leave shall be compensated according to the following schedule: The percentages shown indicate the percentage of the full year's salary and benefits that shall be paid to the applicant during the leave year, whether the leave is for a full year or for one semester. After six years of service: Full year 60% Half year 80% After seven years of service: Full year 65% Half year 85% After eight years of service: Full year 70% Half year 90%

Related to Bargaining Unit Members on Professional

  • Bargaining Unit Roster Upon the signing of this Agreement and monthly thereafter, the Employer shall supply to the Union via a secured method an alphabetical list of all employees covered by this Agreement. The list shall include the name, address, employee identification number, date of hire, rehire date (if applicable), shift, FTE, job classification, department cost center number, unit, hourly rate of pay and monthly gross earnings. Each month, the Employer will provide a list of new hires and addresses, and a list of all employees who have terminated during the month via a secured method. The new hire and termination lists shall include the same data as the monthly employee roster except for monthly gross earnings. The termination list shall include the termination date. Within ninety (90) days of ratification, Swedish Medical Center and SEIU 1199NW will convene a work group including HRIS expert to explore a method for the Employer to provide a list of all employment changes for bargaining unit employees, via a secure site.

  • Bargaining Unit Member Rights 1. When an employee is to be interviewed or questioned concerning a complaint or allegation of misconduct, the employee will be informed of, prior to the interview, the nature of the investigation and whether the employee is the subject of the investigation or a witness in the investigation. If the employee is the subject of investigation, the employee will also be informed of the specifics of each complaint or allegation against him/her.

  • Non-Bargaining Unit Personnel It is understood and agreed that there are times when non-bargaining unit employees may be required to perform work customarily performed by bargaining unit employees. It is also understood that Supervisors and others will be required to work with tools only to meet requirements under the conditions listed below. Therefore, the Company shall have the right to utilize non-bargaining unit employees under one or more of the following conditions:

  • Bargaining Unit Seniority The length of continuous service in a position or succession of positions within Bargaining Unit Two (2), beginning with the last date of hire or transfer into the Bargaining Unit, as defined by seniority credits.

  • Non-Bargaining Unit Employees Employees outside the bargaining unit will not perform work that is normally done by employees in the bargaining unit. However, nothing in this Agreement shall be construed as prohibiting foremen from doing work for purposes of employee instruction and evaluation, and equipment assessment, provided in so doing a lay-off of bargaining unit employees does not result, or in the case of an emergency when regular employees are not available, provided that every reasonable effort is made to find a replacement.

  • Bargaining Unit Work 255. The City agrees that it will not assign work currently performed by employees under this Agreement to City employees in other bargaining units.

  • Union Bargaining Committee A Union Bargaining Committee shall be appointed by the Union and shall consist of up to three (3) members of the Union together with the President of the Union or her designate. The Union shall have the right at any time to have the assistance of members of the staff of the Union when negotiating with the Employer.

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