Approved Products Sample Clauses

Approved Products. You must not sell any food or beverage products or other items at the Restaurant that we have not previously approved for sale. You must only use and display menus that have been prescribed or approved (except for prices) in advance by us. You must sell all the food and beverage products that are included on the prescribed or approved menus, and no others. We may negotiate group or volume purchasing arrangements with approved suppliers. We will be entitled to all rebates, bonuses and promotional benefits associated with those programs. You must strictly follow all of our recipes for all menu items as such recipes are specified from time to time in the Manuals or otherwise. You must not, without our prior written consent, sell, dispense, give away or otherwise provide food or beverage products or other items except by means of retail sales or complimentary meals to employees or customers at the Restaurant, or a program of charitable giving. You must immediately implement changes to the products, food, service or other items requested by us, including menu changes. You must maintain an inventory of food and beverage products sufficient to meet the daily demands of the Restaurant for all items specified in the menus. Any and all recipes or menu changes submitted by you for inclusion on the menus will become our property and you agree to sign all documents necessary to convey all rights and title, including all rights in such recipes to us.
Approved Products. Seller hereby agrees that Buyer shall be entitled to develop, manufacture, sell, promote, import, and distribute the Approved Products using NR Product in the Field in the Territory during the Term.
Approved Products. Because the reputation of the Marks and the Franchised Business depends on a uniform high quality of products and services, you may sell only approved products and services, from specified or approved vendors. You will sell, serve or distribute all products and services we require. You must maintain, at all times, a sufficient supply of products to meet customer demand. If you want to purchase any product of an unapproved brand or from an unapproved supplier, you will notify us, and will pay us a processing fee and a reasonable testing fee as determined by us. We will, within a reasonable time, determine whether the unapproved brand or unapproved supplier has performance characteristics, quality, appearance, reliability and other relevant characteristics similar to the product brands and suppliers then approved by us. If so, our approval will not be unreasonably withheld, unless we develop a specified vendor program for specific products or services, in which case you will use our specified vendor. You recognize that specified vendor programs may lower your or our costs or improve quality control. You must obtain our written approval of your supply sources before their use. We may require your suppliers to sign a nondisclosure agreement and an indemnity agreement to guarantee our level of quality, and produce sufficient samples or access to their facilities to allow us to test the samples at your expense.
Approved Products. Franchisee may not manufacture, advertise for sale, sell, or give away from any System Restaurant any product except Approved Products. All Approved Products will be distributed under the specific name or Mark (if any) approved by BRAII.
Approved Products. Approved Products" are the food, beverages, promotional items, and other products approved by BRAII (in the Operating Manual or another written document) for sale in, or other disposition to the public from, System Restaurants.
Approved Products. Buyer shall comply with the Product listing requirements set forth on Exhibit E hereto. Master Supply & Purchasing Agreement
Approved Products. With respect to Approved Products not approved by the Development Committee for Commercial Launch, Development Costs not previously reimbursed will be reimbursed by the breaching Party to the non-breaching Party in accordance with Section 19.5.2. With respect to Approved Products approved by the Development Committee for Commercial Launch, Development Costs will be reimbursed in accordance with Section 5.6 in the same manner as prior to termination, except that reports shall be exchanged, and reconciliation and reimbursement shall be completed, within thirty (30) days after the date of termination.
Approved Products. 19 10.10 MANAGEMENT...........................................................................................20 10.11 PERSONNEL............................................................................................20 10.12
Approved Products. The contractor shall not apply any pesticide product that has not been included in the Pest Control Plan or approved in writing by SARAA.