Retail sales definition

Retail sales. As defined in the definition of Net Revenue.
Retail sales means and include all sales of tangible
Retail sales means the transfer to a customer of goods in exchange for payment occurring in retail stores, sidewalk sales, farmers’ markets, flea markets and restaurants. The term “retail sales” does not include sales of goods at yard sales, tag sales, and other sales by residents at their homes.

Examples of Retail sales in a sentence

  • Retail Sales: Retail sales in conjunction with permitted industrial uses when located on the same site as the industrial use.

  • Disaggregation of revenue from contracts with customers by categories and brands of stores are as follows: By major categories Year ended December 31,Ten months ended October 31, 2020 2021 2022 2022 2023RMB’000 RMB’000 RMB’000 RMB’000 RMB’000 (Unaudited) Retail sales from self-owned stores .

  • Retail sales, personal services, office and professional services: one space per three hundred gsf.

  • Retail sales revenue as a percentage of gross profit This measure is calculated by dividing retail sales revenue for the three and twelve months ended December 31, 2023 of $63.2 million and $246.9 million, respectively, (2022 - $59.8 million and $220.9 million, respectively) by gross profit of $17.1 million and $61.6 million, respectively, (2022 - $12.8 million and $43.9 million, respectively).

  • Retail sales refers to the point-of-sale value of all goods and services sold to retail customers at stores operated by Dealers, Mark’s and SportChek franchisees, and Petroleum retailers, at corporately-owned stores across all retail banners, services provided as part of the Home Services offering, and of goods sold through the Company’s online sales channels, and in aggregate do not form a part of the Company’s condensed interim consolidated financial statements.

More Definitions of Retail sales

Retail sales means all sales except wholesale sales.
Retail sales means all sales of tangible personal property to any person or entity which is subject to the Bradley-Burns Sales and Use Tax Law and which generates Local Sales Tax Revenues, of which cities are entitled to 1%.
Retail sales means electricity sold to retail end users.
Retail sales means the sale of covered electronic devices through sales outlets, via the Internet, mail order, or other means, whether or not the retailer has a physical presence in this State.
Retail sales means all sales activities at the airport not directly related to the transportation of persons or property. Sales include but are not limited to food, beverages, souvenirs, sundries, books, newspapers, and magazines.
Retail sales means the sale of goods, wares, or merchandise for any purpose other than resale in the regular course of business, including restaurants and peddlers.