Ambassador Program Sample Clauses

Ambassador Program. The Director is invited to participate in the Signify N.V. Ambassador Program for Board of Management members to use Signify products that will be made available to him at his home. The Director is not entitled to any compensation in case his participation in this program is terminated.
Ambassador Program. The 2005 Agreement provided: Each Regional Team will develop an Ambassador Program where current employees volunteer to serve as ambassadors for recruitment activities and outreach events. The work plan should be completed by September 30, 2006,

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Joint Marketing The Parties shall engage in joint marketing activities pursuant to Section 7.7 of this Agreement and any other joint marketing agreement that may be entered into from time to time.
Online Services Microsoft warrants that each Online Service will perform in accordance with the applicable SLA during Customer’s use. Customer’s remedies for breach of this warranty are described in the SLA.
REGULATORY ADMINISTRATION SERVICES BNY Mellon shall provide the following regulatory administration services for each Fund and Series: § Assist the Fund in responding to SEC examination requests by providing requested documents in the possession of BNY Mellon that are on the SEC examination request list and by making employees responsible for providing services available to regulatory authorities having jurisdiction over the performance of such services as may be required or reasonably requested by such regulatory authorities;
Blue Sky Services The Administrator shall maintain under this Agreement the registration or qualification of a Series and its shares under state Blue Sky or securities laws and regulations, as necessary; provided that such Series shall pay all related filing fees and registration or qualification fees.
Sponsorship If the Provider is a non-governmental organization which sponsors a program financed partially by State funds, including any funds obtained through the Contract, it shall, in publicizing, advertising, or describing the sponsorship of the program, state: “Sponsored by (Provider’s name) and the State of Florida, Department of Juvenile Justice.” If the sponsorship reference is in written material, the words “State of Florida, Department of Juvenile Justice” shall appear in the same size letters or type as the name of the organization.
Conversion of Wholesale Services to Network Elements or Network Elements to Wholesale Services Upon request, AT&T shall convert a wholesale service, or group of wholesale services, to the equivalent Network Element or Combination that is available to TWTC pursuant to Section 251 of the Act and under this Agreement or convert a Network Element or Combination that is available to TWTC pursuant to Section 251 of the Act and under this Agreement to an equivalent wholesale service or group of wholesale services offered by AT&T (collectively “Conversion”). AT&T shall charge the applicable nonrecurring switch-as-is rates for Conversions to specific Network Elements or Combinations found in Exhibit A. AT&T shall also charge the same nonrecurring switch-as-is rates when converting from Network Elements or Combinations. Any rate change resulting from the Conversion will be effective as of the next billing cycle following AT&T’s receipt of a complete and accurate Conversion request from TWTC. A Conversion shall be considered termination for purposes of any volume and/or term commitments and/or grandfathered status between TWTC and AT&T. Any change from a wholesale service/group of wholesale services to a Network Element/Combination, or from a Network Element/Combination to a wholesale service/group of wholesale services, that requires a physical rearrangement will not be considered to be a Conversion for purposes of this Agreement. AT&T will not require physical rearrangements if the Conversion can be completed through record changes only. Orders for Conversions will be handled in accordance with the guidelines set forth in the Ordering Guidelines and Processes and CLEC Information Packages as referenced in Sections 1.14.1 and 1.14.2 below.
Cellular Phone Executive is eligible to receive one cellular telephone issued through the Employer's corporate account for use on the Employer's business. The phone will remain the property of the Employer and must be returned upon termination of Executive's employment with the Employer.
Compliance Program of the Sub-Adviser The Sub-Adviser hereby represents and warrants that:
Pilot Programs The Employer may develop voluntary pilot programs to test the acceptability of various risk management programs. Incentives for participation in such programs may include limited short-term improvements to the benefits outlined in this Article. Implementation of such pilot programs is subject to the review and approval of the Joint Labor-Management Committee on Health Plans.
Network Management 3.6.1 CLEC and CBT shall work cooperatively to install and maintain a reliable network. CLEC and CBT shall exchange appropriate information (e.g., maintenance contact numbers, network information, information required to comply with law enforcement and other security agencies of the government, and such other information as the Parties shall mutually agree) to achieve this desired reliability.