Specific Consent Sample Clauses

Specific Consent. The Limited Partners hereby specifically consent and agree in accordance with the Act that the General Partner shall have the right, power and authority, notwithstanding anything in the Act to the contrary, to (i) sell all or substantially all of the assets of the Partnership, (ii) confess judgment against the Partnership or execute any note, mortgage or other agreement containing a provision pursuant to which judgment may be confessed against the Partnership or its assets, (iii) pledge or mortgage any or all of its assets as security for the repayment of any loans to the Partnership (including, without limitation, any loans made to the Partnership by its General Partner) , and (iv) take any other action not inconsistent with the terms of this Agreement, in each case without the further consent of the Limited Partners, which consent shall be deemed to be granted hereby.
Specific Consent. Solely in connection with Stock Repurchases, the Borrowers have requested, and the Lenders hereby consent to, a waiver of the application of Sections 9.3 and 9.4 of the Credit Agreement for a period of twelve months commencing on the date hereof, provided that the aggregate purchase price for the Stock Repurchases shall not exceed $10,000,000.
Specific Consent. Pursuant to and for the purposes of Articles 1341 and 1342 of the Italian Civil Code, the Client expressly accepts the following provisions: Articles 2.5 (Right to modify), 3.2 (Change to Services EURONEXT), 3.5 (EURONEXT Equipment), 4.2 (Third party use), 4.5 (Services limitations), 4.6 (Material breach), 5.1 (Payment), 5.4 (invoice), 5.6 (Payment term), 6.1 (Initial Term and renewal), 6.2 (Access to Services), 8 (Disclaimers), 9 (Limitation of liability), 11 (Termination), 12 (Indemnification), 13.3 (Audit rights), 16 (Assignment, divestments and acquisitions), 17 (Relocation), 18 (Force Majeure), 19.4 (Material breach), 24 ((Electronic) signature); and 25 (Law and Jurisdiction) of the GTCs, and Sections 2.4 (Operation), 2.5 (Own responsibility), 3.1 (Colocation Services), 3.5 (Suspension), 4.1 (Compliance), 4.2 (Connectivity options), 5.2 (Smart Hands Services), 5.3 (Availability and prioritisation), and

Related to Specific Consent

  • Waiver; Consent This Agreement may not be changed, amended, terminated, augmented, rescinded or discharged (other than in accordance with its terms), in whole or in part, except by a writing executed by the parties hereto. No waiver of any of the provisions or conditions of this Agreement or any of the rights of a party hereto shall be effective or binding unless such waiver shall be in writing and signed by the party claimed to have given or consented thereto. Except to the extent otherwise agreed in writing, no waiver of any term, condition or other provision of this Agreement, or any breach thereof shall be deemed to be a waiver of any other term, condition or provision or any breach thereof, or any subsequent breach of the same term, condition or provision, nor shall any forbearance to seek a remedy for any noncompliance or breach be deemed to be a waiver of a party’s rights and remedies with respect to such noncompliance or breach.

  • Request for Notice; No Consent Required Where required or customary in the jurisdiction in which the Mortgaged Property is located, the original lender has filed for record a request for notice of any action by the related senior lienholder, and the Seller has notified such senior lienholder in writing of the existence of the Second Lien Loan and requested notification of any action to be taken against the Mortgagor by such senior lienholder. Either (a) no consent for the Second Lien Loan is required by the holder of the related first lien loan or (b) such consent has been obtained and is contained in the related Mortgage File;

  • Consent and Approval Such Party has sought or obtained, or, in accordance with this Agreement will seek or obtain, each consent, approval, authorization, order, or acceptance by any Governmental Authority in connection with the execution, delivery and performance of this Agreement, and it will provide to any Governmental Authority notice of any actions under this Agreement that are required by Applicable Laws and Regulations.

  • Application Approval Our representative will notify you (or one of you, if there are co-applicants) of the Application approval, execute the Lease agreements for signature prior to occupancy, and, once complete, credit the application deposit of all applicants toward the required security deposit.

  • Waiver of Notice; Approval of Meeting; Approval of Minutes The transactions of any meeting of Limited Partners, however called and noticed, and whenever held, shall be as valid as if it had occurred at a meeting duly held after regular call and notice, if a quorum is present either in person or by proxy. Attendance of a Limited Partner at a meeting shall constitute a waiver of notice of the meeting, except when the Limited Partner attends the meeting for the express purpose of objecting, at the beginning of the meeting, to the transaction of any business because the meeting is not lawfully called or convened; and except that attendance at a meeting is not a waiver of any right to disapprove the consideration of matters required to be included in the notice of the meeting, but not so included, if the disapproval is expressly made at the meeting.

  • Prior Consent No assignment may be consummated pursuant to this Section 11.10 without the prior written consent of Administrative Borrower and Agent (other than an assignment by any Lender to any affiliate of such Lender which affiliate is an Eligible Transferee and either wholly-owned by a Lender or is wholly-owned by a Person that wholly owns, either directly or indirectly, such Lender, or to another Lender), which consent of Administrative Borrower and Agent shall not be unreasonably withheld; provided that the consent of Administrative Borrower shall not be required if, at the time of the proposed assignment, any Default or Event of Default shall then exist. Anything herein to the contrary notwithstanding, any Lender may at any time make a collateral assignment of all or any portion of its rights under the Loan Documents to a Federal Reserve Bank, and no such assignment shall release such assigning Lender from its obligations hereunder.

  • Request for Consent If Tenant requests Landlord's consent to a Transfer, then, at least 15 business days prior to the effective date of the proposed Transfer, Tenant shall provide Landlord with a written description of all terms and conditions of the proposed Transfer, copies of the proposed documentation, and the following information about the proposed transferee: name and address; reasonably satisfactory information about its business and business history; its proposed use of the Premises; banking, financial, and other credit information; and general references sufficient to enable Landlord to determine the proposed transferee's creditworthiness and character. Concurrently with Tenant's notice of any request for consent to a Transfer, Tenant shall pay to Landlord a fee of $1,000 to defray Landlord's expenses in reviewing such request, and Tenant shall also reimburse Landlord immediately upon request for its reasonable attorneys' fees incurred in connection with considering any request for consent to a Transfer.

  • Required Consent Without limiting the generality of Section 4.1(a), except as permitted by the terms of this Agreement, and except as provided in Section 4.1(b) of the Company Disclosure Letter, without the prior written consent of Parent, during the period from the date hereof and continuing until the earlier of the termination of this Agreement pursuant to its terms or the Effective Time, the Company shall not do any of the following, and shall not permit any of its Subsidiaries to do any of the following:

  • Notice and Consent This provision supplements the Data Privacy section of the Award Agreement: You hereby authorize the Company and the Company’s representatives to discuss with and obtain all relevant information from all personnel, professional or not, involved in the administration and operation of the Plan. You further authorize the Company and any Subsidiary or Affiliate and the administrator of the Plan to disclose and discuss the Plan with their advisors. You further authorize the Company and any Subsidiary or Affiliate to record such information and to keep such information in your employee file.

  • Language Consent The parties acknowledge that it is their express wish that this Agreement, as well as all documents, notices and legal proceedings entered into, given or instituted pursuant hereto or relating directly or indirectly hereto, be drawn up in English. Les parties reconnaissent avoir exigé la redaction en anglais de cette convention (“Agreement”), ainsi que de tous documents exécutés, xxxx xxxxxx et procedures judiciaries intentées, directement ou indirectement, relativement à la présente convention.