Alternatively Sample Clauses

Alternatively. You may use an offline activation code that You can download in Your JetBrains Account. If you use this option, it is Your responsibility to download a new activation code and apply it to the Product registration screen every time you make changes to the Toolbox Subscription or whenever a Toolbox Subscription is renewed.
Alternatively any allegation of discrimination or harassment in the workplace, including an allegation of Code-based discrimination or harassment, may be filed in accordance with the grievance and arbitration procedures set out in this Agreement.
Alternatively the parties may submit the dispute for decision to a single arbitrator selected by them by common agreement or, failing such agreement, by the President of the Tribunal de Grande Instrance of Strasbourg.
Alternatively in any case where Lessor has recovered possession of the Premises by reason of Lessee's default, Lessor may at Lessor's option, and at any time thereafter, and without notice or other action by Lessor, and without prejudice to any other rights or remedies it might have hereunder or at law or equity, become entitled to recover from Lessee, as Damages for such breach, in addition to such other sums herein agreed to be paid by Lessee, to the date of re-entry, expiration and/or dispossess, an amount equal to the difference between the Fixed Basic Rent and Additional Rent reserved in this Lease from the date of such default to the date of Expiration of the original Term demised and the then fair and reasonable rental value of the Premises for the same period. Said Damages shall become due and payable to Lessor immediately upon such breach of this Lease and without regard to whether this Lease be terminated or not, and if this Lease be terminated, without regard to the manner in which it is terminated. In the computation of such Damages, the difference between an installment of Fixed Basic Rent and Additional Rent thereafter becoming due and the fair and reasonable rental value of the Premises for the period for which such installment was payable shall be discounted to the date of such default at the rate of not more than six percent (6%) per annum. Lessee hereby waives all right of redemption to which Lessee or any person under Lessee might be entitled by any law now or hereafter in force. Lessor's remedies hereunder are in addition to any remedy allowed by law.
Alternatively member may send an e-mail request at the email along with scanned copy of the signed copy of the request letter providing the email address, mobile number, self-attested PAN copy and Client Master copy in case of electronic folio and copy of share certificate in case of physical folio for sending the Annual report, Notice of AGM and the e-voting instructions.
Alternatively a person, who with his or her spouse, has joint income in excess of $300,000 in each applicable year.