The Security Agent may Sample Clauses

The Security Agent may. (a) assign all or any of its rights under this Agreement; and
The Security Agent may. (a) employ and pay an agent selected by it to transact or conduct any business and to do all acts required to be done by it (including the receipt and payment of money);
The Security Agent may. (a) deposit all or any part of the monies received by it or any Receiver in one or more non-interest bearing suspense accounts in its name, to be held in such account or accounts for so long as the Security Agent determines to be appropriate; and
The Security Agent may. (a) carry on any business with any Obligor or its related entities (including acting as an agent or a trustee for any other financing); and

Related to The Security Agent may

  • Collateral Agent May Perform If the Grantor fails to perform any agreement contained herein, the Collateral Agent may itself perform, or cause performance of, such agreement, and the expenses of the Collateral Agent incurred in connection therewith shall be payable by the Grantor pursuant to Section 6.2.

  • Collateral Agent May Perform; Collateral Agent Appointed Attorney-in-Fact If any Pledgor shall fail to perform any covenants contained in this Agreement (including such Pledgor’s covenants to (i) pay the premiums in respect of all required insurance policies hereunder, (ii) pay and discharge any taxes, assessments and special assessments, levies, fees and governmental charges imposed upon or assessed against, and landlords’, carriers’, mechanics’, workmen’s, repairmen’s, laborers’, materialmen’s, suppliers’ and warehousemen’s Liens and other claims arising by operation of law against, all or any portion of the Pledged Collateral, (iii) make repairs, (iv) discharge Liens or (v) pay or perform any obligations of such Pledgor under any Pledged Collateral) or if any representation or warranty on the part of any Pledgor contained herein shall be breached, the Collateral Agent may (but shall not be obligated to) do the same or cause it to be done or remedy any such breach, and may expend funds for such purpose; provided, however, that the Collateral Agent shall in no event be bound to inquire into the validity of any tax, Lien, imposition or other obligation which such Pledgor fails to pay or perform as and when required hereby and which such Pledgor does not contest in accordance with the provisions of the Credit Agreement. Any and all amounts so expended by the Collateral Agent shall be paid by the Pledgors in accordance with the provisions of Section 11.03 of the Credit Agreement. Neither the provisions of this Section 11.2 nor any action taken by the Collateral Agent pursuant to the provisions of this Section 11.2 shall prevent any such failure to observe any covenant contained in this Agreement nor any breach of representation or warranty from constituting an Event of Default. Each Pledgor hereby appoints the Collateral Agent its attorney-in-fact, with full power and authority in the place and stead of such Pledgor and in the name of such Pledgor, or otherwise, from time to time in the Collateral Agent’s discretion to take any action and to execute any instrument consistent with the terms of the Credit Agreement, this Agreement and the other Security Documents which the Collateral Agent may deem necessary or advisable to accomplish the purposes hereof (but the Collateral Agent shall not be obligated to and shall have no liability to such Pledgor or any third party for failure to so do or take action). The foregoing grant of authority is a power of attorney coupled with an interest and such appointment shall be irrevocable for the term hereof. Each Pledgor hereby ratifies all that such attorney shall lawfully do or cause to be done by virtue hereof.

  • The Security Trustee The Security Trustee has agreed to become a party to this Agreement for the better preservation and enforcement of its rights under this Agreement but shall have no responsibility for any of the obligations of, nor assume any liabilities to, the Cash Manager, the Account Bank or Funding hereunder. Furthermore, any liberty or power which may be exercised or any determination which may be made hereunder by the Security Trustee may be exercised or made in the Security Trustee's absolute discretion without any obligation to give reasons therefor, but in any event must be exercised or made in accordance with the provisions of the Funding Deed of Charge.

  • Indemnity to the Security Agent (a) Each Obligor shall promptly indemnify the Security Agent and every Receiver and Delegate against any cost, loss or liability incurred by any of them as a result of:

  • Security Agent (a) Each other Finance Party appoints the Security Agent to act as its agent and (to the extent permitted under any applicable law) trustee under and in connection with the Security Documents and confirms that the Security Agent shall have a lien on the Security Documents and the proceeds of the enforcement of those Security Documents for all moneys payable to the beneficiaries of those Security Documents.

  • The Collateral Agent The Collateral Agent will hold in accordance with this Agreement all items of the Collateral at any time received under this Agreement. It is expressly understood and agreed that the obligations of the Collateral Agent as holder of the Collateral and interests therein and with respect to the disposition thereof, and otherwise under this Agreement, are only those expressly set forth in this Agreement and in Section 12 of the Credit Agreement. The Collateral Agent shall act hereunder and thereunder on the terms and conditions set forth herein and in Section 12 of the Credit Agreement.

  • Resignation of the Security Agent (a) The Security Agent may resign and appoint one of its Affiliates as successor by giving notice to the other Finance Parties and the Borrowers.

  • Collateral Agent May File Proofs of Claim In case of the pendency of any proceeding under any Debtor Relief Law or any other judicial proceeding relative to any Loan Party, the Collateral Agent (irrespective of whether the principal of any Loan shall then be due and payable as herein expressed or by declaration or otherwise and irrespective of whether any Agent shall have made any demand on the Borrowers) shall be entitled and empowered (but not obligated) by intervention in such proceeding or otherwise:

  • The Collateral Agent’s Duties (a) The powers conferred on the Collateral Agent hereunder are solely to protect the Secured Parties’ interest in the Collateral and shall not impose any duty upon it to exercise any such powers. Except for the safe custody of any Collateral in its possession and the accounting for moneys actually received by it hereunder, the Collateral Agent shall have no duty as to any Collateral, as to ascertaining or taking action with respect to calls, conversions, exchanges, maturities, tenders or other matters relative to any Collateral, whether or not any Secured Party has or is deemed to have knowledge of such matters, or as to the taking of any necessary steps to preserve rights against any parties or any other rights pertaining to any Collateral. The Collateral Agent shall be deemed to have exercised reasonable care in the custody and preservation of any Collateral in its possession if such Collateral is accorded treatment substantially equal to that which it accords its own property.

  • The Security Agreement The security interest granted pursuant to this Trademark Security Agreement is granted in conjunction with the security interest granted to the Collateral Agent pursuant to the Security Agreement and Grantor hereby acknowledges and affirms that the rights and remedies of the Collateral Agent with respect to the security interest in the Trademarks made and granted hereby are more fully set forth in the Security Agreement. In the event that any provision of this Trademark Security Agreement is deemed to conflict with the Security Agreement, the provisions of the Security Agreement shall control unless the Collateral Agent shall otherwise determine.