Disciplinary Action Based on Positive Test Results Sample Clauses

Disciplinary Action Based on Positive Test Results. The Employer may take disciplinary action based on the test results as follows:
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Disciplinary Action Based on Positive Test Results. 1. First Positive Test 0.02% BAC-0.039% BAC Out of Service for 24 hours 0.04% BAC-Less than State DWI/DUI Limit Out of Service for the length of time determined by the SAP with a minimum of twenty-four (24) hours State DWI/DUI Limit and Above Subject to discharge‌
Disciplinary Action Based on Positive Test Results. 18 13.10.1 A nurse testing positive for the presence of an illegal drug or alcohol shall 19 be conclusively deemed to be "under the influence" of that substance and 20 subject to discharge without receipt of prior discipline.

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  • Extraordinary Actions Except as specifically provided in this Agreement, notwithstanding any provision of law permitting or requiring any action to be taken or authorized by the affirmative vote of the holders of a greater number of votes, any such action shall be effective and valid if taken or approved by the affirmative vote of holders of Interests entitled to cast a majority of all the votes entitled to be cast on the matter.

  • Adverse Action The Indenture Trustee need not take an action that it determines might have a material adverse effect on the rights of the Noteholders not consenting to the action.

  • Necessary Action Whenever any Partner exercises any option or right to purchase a Partnership Interest pursuant to this Agreement, the selling Partner shall do all things and execute and deliver all deeds, conveyance and other instruments to consummate such purchase and effect a valid transfer of the Partnership Interest.

  • Performance Tests Contractor shall perform Performance Tests in accordance with Section 11.2 of the Agreement and Attachment S.

  • Necessary Actions Subject to the terms and conditions herein provided, each of the parties hereto agree to use all reasonable efforts to take, or cause to be taken, all action, and to do or cause to be done, all things necessary, proper or advisable under applicable laws and regulations to consummate and make effective the transactions contemplated by this Agreement. In the event at any time after the Closing, any further action is necessary or desirable to carry out the purpose of this Agreement, the proper officers and/or directors of GG or GOLF, as the case may be, shall take all such necessary action.

  • Adverse Actions Take any action or fail to take any action that is intended or is reasonably likely to result in (i) any of its representations and warranties set forth in this Agreement being or becoming untrue in any material respect at any time at or prior to the Effective Time, (ii) any of the conditions to the Merger set forth in Article VI not being satisfied or (iii) a material violation of any provision of this Agreement, except, in each case, as may be required by applicable law or regulation.

  • Corrective Action Plan Within fifteen (15) Business Days following the establishment of the Joint Remediation Committee, the Purchasers, in consultation with the Sellers, shall prepare and submit to the Joint Remediation Committee an initial draft of the Corrective Action Plan. The parties shall work in good faith through the Joint Remediation Committee to finalize the Corrective Action Plan within fifteen (15) Business Days of the Purchasers’ submission of the initial draft of the Correct Action Plan. At the end of such period, if the Sellers reasonably determine that the Corrective Action Plan proposed by the Purchasers (as may be modified over the course of such period) would not reasonably be expected to satisfactorily address the Major Default, then the Sellers may escalate the issue to the Head of Commercial Capital (or equivalent leader of any successor business unit) of the Seller Group and the Chief Executive Officer of the Bank Assets Purchaser (the “Senior Executives”) and the Senior Executives shall work collaboratively (including with the Joint Remediation Committee) to develop a mutually agreeable Corrective Action Plan within fifteen (15) Business Days.

  • Proceedings Prior to Any Action Requiring Adjustment As a condition precedent to the taking of any action which would require an adjustment in any of the acquisition rights pursuant to any of the Warrants, including the number of Common Shares which are to be received upon the exercise thereof, the Corporation shall take any action which may, in the opinion of Counsel, be necessary in order that the Corporation has unissued and reserved in its authorized capital and may validly and legally issue as fully paid and non-assessable all the Common Shares which the holders of such Warrants are entitled to receive on the full exercise thereof in accordance with the provisions hereof.

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