Notice Plan definition

Notice Plan means the plan of disseminating to Settlement Class Members notice of the proposed Settlement and of the Final Approval Hearing, as approved by the Court.
Notice Plan means the settlement notice program developed by the Settlement Administrator substantially in the form attached hereto as Exhibit 4, as approved by the Court.

Examples of Notice Plan in a sentence

  • Along with the motion for preliminary approval, the proposed Settlement Administrator shall file a declaration describing in detail the Notice Plan.

  • The Court Should Approve the Proposed Class Notice Plan and A.B. Data, Ltd.

  • Sandusky Wellness Ctr., LLC, 863 F.3d at 466.4. Rule 23(e) Prerequisite: Notice Plan When requesting class certification for purposes of settlement, parties must “provide the court with information sufficient to enable it to determine whether to give notice of the proposal to the class.” Fed.

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  • Pursuant to the Parties’ Settlement Agreement, Postlethwaite & Xxxxxxxxxxx, APAC (“P&N”) is hereby appointed as Settlement Administrator to supervise and administer the Notice Plan under the Settlement, as well as the processing of claims.

More Definitions of Notice Plan

Notice Plan means the plan for disseminating notice to members of the Settlement Class of the Settlement Agreement and of the Final Approval Hearing, as developed by the Settlement Administrator and approved by the Parties and set forth in greater detail in Section 4 herein.
Notice Plan means the plan for dissemination of Class Notice to be submitted to the Court in connection with a motion for preliminary approval of this Settlement.
Notice Plan means and refers to the plan to disseminate Notice of the Settlement Agreement to the Settlement Class that comports with due process.
Notice Plan means the procedure for providing notice to the class, as set forth in Exhibit B.
Notice Plan or “Notice Program” means the plan for dissemination of the
Notice Plan means the plan for providing notice of this Action and this Class Settlement Agreement to members of the Rule 23(b)(3) Settlement Class and the Rule 23(b)(2) Settlement Class, which is contained in Appendix E hereto.