Authorized Signatory Sample Clauses

Authorized Signatory. Dated:____________________ CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICATION This is one of the Class A-[_] Certificates referred to in the within-mentioned Agreement. JPMORGAN CHASE BANK, as Certificate Registrar By: ________________________ Authorized Signatory ASSIGNMENT FOR VALUE RECEIVED, the undersigned hereby sell(s), assign(s) and transfer(s) unto _______________________________________________________________ (Please print or typewrite name and address including postal zip code of assignee) the beneficial interest evidenced by the within Trust Certificate and hereby authorizes the transfer of registration of such interest to assignee on the Certificate Register of the Trust Fund.
Authorized Signatory. ARTICLE THREE THE SECURITIES SECTION 301. Amount Unlimited; Issuable in Series. The aggregate principal amount of Securities which may be authenticated and delivered under this Indenture is unlimited. The Securities may be issued in one or more series. There shall be established in or pursuant to a Board Resolution and, subject to Section 303, set forth, or determined in the manner provided, in an Officers' Certificate, or established in one or more indentures supplemental hereto, prior to the issuance of Securities of any series,
Authorized Signatory. With respect to any entity, each Person duly authorized to act as a signatory of such entity at the time such Person signs on behalf of such entity.
Authorized Signatory. Except as otherwise provided in section 10.10, the Committee may designate a person or persons who shall be authorized to sign any document in the name of the Committee. The Trustee shall be fully protected in relying upon any notice, instruction or certification from the Committee or executed pursuant to the provisions of this Section.
Authorized Signatory. This Security is one of a duly authorized series of securities of the Company (herein called the "Securities"), issued under an Indenture, dated as of February 4, 1998, as amended by a Supplemental Indenture, dated as of February 4, 1998 (as so amended, the "Indenture"), each between the Company and PNC Bank, National Association, as Trustee (herein called the "Trustee," which term includes any successor trustee under the Indenture), and reference is hereby made to the Indenture for a statement of the respective rights, limitations of rights, duties and immunities thereunder of the Company, the Trustee and the Holders of the Securities and of the terms upon which the Securities are, and are to be, authenticated and delivered. The Securities are subject to, and qualified by, all of the terms of the Indenture. This Security is one of the series designated on the face hereof, limited in aggregate Principal Amount to $200,000,000. The Securities are general obligations of the Company. The Securities are subject to redemption upon not less than 30 days' nor more than 60 days' notice by first class mail, in whole or in part, at the option of the Company at any time at a redemption price equal to the greater of (i) 100% of the Principal Amount of the Securities so redeemed or (ii) as determined by a Quotation Agent, the sum of the present values of the remaining scheduled payments of principal and interest thereon discounted to the redemption date on a semiannual basis (assuming a 360-day year consisting of twelve 30-day months) at the Adjusted Treasury Rate, plus, in each case, accrued interest thereon to the redemption date.
Authorized Signatory. The Parties hereby represent that their respective representatives had been duly authorized by the Board of Directors to sign, execute and deliver this Agreement.
Authorized Signatory. If all the Securities of a series may not be originally issued at one time, and if the Trustee does not have an office capable of authenticating Securities upon original issuance located in a Place of Payment or other place where the Company wishes to have Securities of such series authenticated upon original issuance, the Company shall appoint in accordance with this Section an Authenticating Agent (which may be an Affiliate of the Company if eligible to be appointed as an Authenticating Agent hereunder) having an office in such Place of Payment or other place designated by the Company with respect to such series of Securities.
Authorized Signatory. With respect to the Borrower, such personnel of the Borrower as set forth in an incumbency certificate of the Borrower delivered to the Administrative Agent on the Agreement Date (or any duly executed incumbency certificate delivered after the Agreement Date) and certified therein as being duly authorized by the Borrower to execute documents, agreements, and instruments on behalf of the Borrower.
Authorized Signatory. If Tenant signs as a corporation, each of the persons (of which there must be at least two) executing this Lease on behalf of Tenant does hereby covenant and warrant that Tenant is a duly authorized and existing corporation, that Tenant has and is qualified to do business in Georgia, that the corporation has full right and authority to enter into this Lease, that each and both of the persons executing this Lease on behalf of the corporation are authorized to do so, and that such execution is fully binding on the corporation. If Tenant signs as a partnership, joint venture, or sole proprietorship (each being herein called "Entity") each of the persons executing on behalf of Tenant does hereby covenant and warrant that Tenant is a duly authorized and existing Entity, that Tenant has full right and authority to enter into this Lease, that all persons executing this Lease on behalf of the Entity are authorized to do so, and that such execution is fully binding on the Entity and its partners, joint venturers, or principal, as the case may be.
Authorized Signatory. In processing this Award and related documentation, Grantor will only accept materials signed by the Authorized Signatory or Designee of this Agreement, as designated or prescribed herein in paragraph 1.6