Waterworks System definition

Waterworks System or “system” means a system of pipes and structures through which water is obtained and distributed, including but not limited to wells and well structures, intakes and cribs, pumping stations, treatment plants, storage tanks, pipelines and appurtenances, or a combination thereof, actually used or intended for use for the purpose of furnishing water for drinking or household purposes.
Waterworks System means all waterworks and all appurtenances thereto, including water mains, service connections, pumping stations, wells, water storage facilities and treatment plants, and owned, controlled, maintained and operated by the City or by agreement between the City and others.
Waterworks System means a Waterworks System as defined in the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act (Alberta) and regulations.

Examples of Waterworks System in a sentence

  • The HWWS shall maintain a copy of this agreement as long as the Customer and/or the premises is connected to the Harlingen Waterworks System.

  • Changes or corrections will be issued by the Harlingen Waterworks System.

  • The undersigned, hereinafter called “Customer”, requests the City of Harlingen Waterworks System, herein referred to as “HWWS”, to furnish services of the class and to the location as set out in Application for Service.

  • The Harlingen Waterworks System may consider as irregular, any bid on which there is an alternation of or departure from the Bid Sheet and Certification and Authorization of Bid and, at its option, may reject any irregular bid.

  • These are the minimum requirements that will be acceptable to the Harlingen Waterworks System.

More Definitions of Waterworks System

Waterworks System means the Facilities and all associated real and personal property used by EWSI to supply potable water to Customers.
Waterworks System means municipally owned collection, treatment, storage and distribution facilities for culinary or irrigation water, including pipes, hydrants and appurtenances, but does not include water rights or sources of water supply such as wells, springs, streams or shares in a mutual irrigation company.
Waterworks System or "system" means a system of pipes and structures through which water is obtained or distributed and includes any of the following that are actually used or intended to be used for the purpose of furnishing water for drinking or household purposes:
Waterworks System means the system or works established to supply Potable Water including Bulk Water within the Town and is a municipal public utility as defined in the Municipal Government Act.
Waterworks System means all wells, pumps, facilities, water mains, service pipes, and other equipment owned by or under the jurisdiction of the Township for the collection, storage, purification, and distribution of water.
Waterworks System means the waterworks system of the District of Chetwynd.
Waterworks System means the pipes, equipment, facilities and structures within the city of Winnipeg that carry water to points of use, including water service pipes, and the water within the system at any time;